Wednesday, November 10, 2004


What have I been doing for the last weeks?

1. Trying to avoid the Democrats who are in shock on the blogs I love to read. Please forgive
me dear sister-in-law.
2. Finishing report cards.
3. Starting and finishing my choice for book club.
4. Working very slowly on my entrelace shawl.
5. Going to my LYS and getting some very yummy yarns 30% off and finding the perfect yarn
for a sweater whose design is totally in my head.
6. Hosting book club...coming home from work to bake a cake. Yes, I really made it! Why did
everyone seem so surprised??? And phew...the book got a thumbs up. We read The God of
Small Things. For the first 100 pages I couldn't decide if it was the worst thing I had ever
read, or the best.