Tuesday, December 12, 2017

New Beginnings

Silly me.  I thought this blog was long gone.  Who knew that the interwebs would allow my small words to remain in the cloud, never touched.  Never read.  Not a sad thing.  A good thing.  Something to revisit - a bit like a long lost photo album.  But I must admit, turning the pages of a physical entity is much more satisfying.
Today we have snow.  My husband thought I had lost my mind when I told him I truly believed we could avoid it this year.  But I had been fooled.  Up until last week I was walking around wearing nothing but a heavy sweater.  Now find the woolens. The scraper.  The snowblower.  

So today I feel a bit like Amy's SnowBaby Igloo..

Monday, July 21, 2014

Time for Break

This is an image of what stopped me from washing the window from the outside earlier this afternoon.  I 'googled' this one as I am never going to sit still long enough to take a picture of any snake.  Yuck...I was leaning out the window when he suddenly slithered by...really hate those things!

Trying to make each day count is getting a bit exhausting.  Sunday was a pleasant day all around:  we took my brother and his wife out for a birthday breakfast, then off to spend the afternoon at Longmeadow Farm in Freedom, NY.  Sandy has beautiful yarns and roving.  Each time I look at her colorwork I ask myself why anyone would want to go to the trouble of processing and dying their own when she does it so much better!  She does not have a web presence other than FaceBook, and on many a fiber festival vendor list.  It was a beautiful afternoon sitting in the shade next to the sheep grazing pasture with good friends and food:)

Today, no crafting yet.  I did add a few more blocks on the hexi project.  And then I worked my plantars into a frenzy.  Washed six windows and screens, washed and folded several loads of wash, washed the kitchen floor, a quick vacuum in the family room and made a potato salad for dinner.

I think I deserve a pedicure right about now:)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Marathon Continues

Finally!  This 1/2 fleece was purchased, to the best of my recollection at the Genesee Fiber Festival in Hemlock, NY about four years ago.  It sat for an entire year in the bag lost in the garage, the following summer it was washed, it took two years to flick each lock by hand before spinning.  And as I type, the final skein of 1344 yards is now drying.  I won't admit to being in love with the final product; I am really not a very good spinner.  The fleece had inconsistent staple lengths that made it a poor candidate for carding and I have found that some skeins are much nicer than others depending on the section of the fleece from which they came.  There was also a significant amount of color variation - I am still trying to decide if I should dye this a deep wine before knitting up.  I actually have plans for this beast, let me only hope that it knits at the gauge I have in mind.

The little project below is my sister's Christmas present.  The English Paper Piece hexis have been in the work basket for about two years.  I really was just playing for the sake of practice, but some digging on Pinterest inspired me to get them out again.  She is planning on doing her kitchen in a black & white theme with yellow accents and I thought this would be just the ticket for her tiny table after finishing with a yellow backing.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Early Finish

 Today the drum carder and I had our final meeting.  Let it be written that I shall never purchase a raw fleece again.  I do feel pleased that I have been able to successfully complete two; however, the fact that the first took over four years from purchase to final spin and the second (a quarter fleece) has taken two years just to card should clearly indicate my enthusiasm for the task.

Time to hit the wheel:)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Forced Productivity

When I counted the days of summer vacation, I told myself that I would not waste it as I did last year.  Instead of spending my time running to PT for my insane IT band, and moping on the couch I decided to tickle a part of my brain that has never been touched.

My goal is not to become artistic, but to increase my creativity.  From attending author lectures over the years, the message has been clear:  the way to improve writing is by writing every day.  My assumption is the only way to become more creative is by attempting something creative each day.

Last week I played with paper cloth; when I finish the projects I will post the pictures and explain the process.  This week I played with papers.

The top photo was inspired by a vessel I found on Pinterest.  I took used cone shaped natural coffee filters, burned the edges, and added a coat of Perfect Paper Adhesive.  After drying I ripped edges and sewed with embroidery floss.  I then hit it again with the matches and spray bottle and have what I hope will be a rustic flameless votive holder.

On the right is yesterday's experiment with collage.  Last week I found that used dryer sheets can be very interesting.  I know, don't ever use dryer sheets as they are allegedly worse for your clothes than the dryer.  Anyhoo, one water dampened dryer sheet, next add a layer of long forgotten Japanese papers adhering with the Perfect Paper Adhesive.  Add another dryer sheet and layer with tissue paper and handmade papers and a final coat of PPA.  Held up to the light, an overall pleasing design.  I did make an additional one with a few different placements and colors and was not as pleased with the overall effect.  So it's a 'no show'.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


For the last week Icarus has been on my mind. You remember, the boy who refused to listen to his father and flew to close to the sun? And his wings held together with was melted away? Well that is a bit how I feel - even with the air conditioning.

My son's summer job is in an unconditioned body shop at our local garage. 9 hours a day. Wearing jeans. And a respirator. Need I say more.

Today I come one step closer to an emptier nest: taking the daughter shopping for her dorm supplies. Thinking about her leaving at the end of August makes me grateful I have a good job and many hobbies to keep me busy. But I have a feeling it still won't fill the gap.

Sigh number two...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Joys of Technology

I could not resist!

After all this time, I have decided I miss my little blog. It serves as an outlet for writing that my everyday life does not afford. And, more importantly, it provides me an opportunity to write with more depth and a sort of anonymity that Facebook does not provide.

What has been on my mind, as I sit at the computer yet again, is how much time I actually spend in cyberland. At least twice a day I check my seldom used cell phone, Facebook, Ravelry, my three e-mail accounts and hit a blog or two. All in an attempt to remain connected to people I either will never know in my actual life or with whom I have almost daily contact.

My children use technology to send pointless text messages about the quality of their morning cereal, a critique of their current life experience, or an order to their servile mother that they feel needs fulfilling.

I know I am not the only one thinking these thoughts. Have you seen the current Toyota Venza adverts? The 'adult' children commenting on their parents' meaningless lives? Hysterical. And a friend who stated that our ability to instantly communicate every thought we have is actually crippling us. How true! When my children phone me the second something they become lost, a plane is delayed, a connection is missed, they never learn the skill of stopping and thinking. To just be still and wait for the obvious solution to a problem to present itself.

So, as wait for my Nook to finish its download, charge my Ipod, and check my bank balance, I think I will watch a few more YouTube videos.