Saturday, May 06, 2006

Writer's Block

Not posting for almost two months makes this entry a bit intimidating. I now realize that any chance I had of gathering a "readership" is really squashed by such sporadic updates. Ah...such is life. My blog reading has also been seriously cut back. I now only check my "favorites" about once a week. Previously, I had been spending about one hour a day (!) reading. One can only read about sock updates so long before it gets a bit old. Please no offense intended.

As this is a knitting blog...

This may not be the most flattering shot, but what the heck. My cleaning lady spotted this and offered to trade me for my work! I love the barter system!

This time the pooling worked in my favor! Manos yarn- pattern from Big Fish, Little Fish - 8 needles.

The Eat Local Challenge for the month of May could turn into a total bust on my part. What the heck do I have to choose from in Western New York? The only items I can think of are locally grown asparagus, fall apples in cold storage, and farm eggs. I am really stuck! I have been reading the labels on the food products and am quite stuck. However, if the rain lets up, today would be a good day to stake the area I intend to use for a garden. I plan on creating a raised bed and filling it with the compost from the bed hubby has! I won't tell you what my neighbor thinks of that pile.