Sunday, January 20, 2008

Not a Resolution

So here's the deal. Winter. No sun. Lots of cold. No snow.

This means I am spending waaaaaaaay too much time indoors and noticing everything that is "wrong" with my house. I am busy doing nothing. Nothing but bitchin' and snarkin'. So in an attempt to organize and motivate this is my list.
  1. PURGE...get rid of anything in the house that serves no purpose. If it is not worn, used, or enjoyed in some way, it MUST go.
  2. FINISH...finish any project that has been abandoned. This will range from the numerous UFOs in the knitting room to the unpainted ceiling in the kid's bath. If it something that is not worth the trouble of or beyond my skills to finish, out it goes. I believe the knitting guild will be very grateful for all the yarn and pattern books they will receive for the auction this year.
  3. FIX...fix all things that have been ignored from a few days to several years. This covers the master bath shower to the unusable antique spinning wheel in the corner. If it cannot be fixed, it will be purged.
  4. CREATE...move in a deliberate fashion to create an environment that is fulfilling. Focus on friends, enjoy my family, dance in public, sing along to the musak in the grocery store. Eat more whole foods, walk more, smile more.

I think this is a doable list. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


What would you suggest one do to a husband who put his spankin' brand new Alpaca Christmas socks in the laundry bin to be sent through the washer and dryer?