Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nothing Like My Wednesday Night Knitting Club

I was in the mood for a no-brainer and I think this one hit the mark. A friend had given this to me suggesting that it was a good fit for travel. Kate Jacobs created a group of characters, that while not being totally believable, were certainly likable.
Georgia and her daughter, Dakota, are a great little team - one that every mom dreams of. And she is surrounded by people that adore her. Her problems do not even begin until the end of the novel; instead, the conflicts of the novel are really centered around the minor characters that make up the knitting group.
I suggest this book only for those looking for a an interesting distraction. Kinda like potato chips - not necessarily good for you, but yummy just the same.

Back on the Merry Go Round!

I don't mean to sound negative, but I am a bit fearful of what this school year will bring. Why? On the third day I was told that, " XYZ says you're fat," and "Snicklefritz. My name is SNIIIIIIIIICLLLLLLLLEFRIIIIIITZZZZZZ." Yep.
It is also my middle child's senior year of high school and she is dreaming large, very large. The mailbox has been crammed full of flyers and brochures from every college large and small, known and unknown on the eastern seaboard. The choices she is faced with are overwhelming.
My high school classmates and I never seemed to feel we had so many choices. We all applied to either two or three schools, we all picked a major without any fear of making a bad decision. Drama. English. Science. None of us changed majors. Were we naive? Were we more mature? Did we just listen to our parents more? And yet as I now reconnect with people on FaceBook, I see that many of my classmates had very successful careers - for many, better than they ever hoped when they left our small town and headed off to uni.
So wish my daughter luck! Pray that she limits her choices, works hard, and has a little blind faith that all will work out as it should.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Random Wednesday

  1. I am really thankful people do not 'know' about Ravelry! Common sense kids!
  2. Tomorrow is my first 'official' day back at work; based on the link above I shall say nothing more.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Lost Summer

of Louisa May Alcott was a wonderful book. And what did I enjoy most? The fact that this well researched novel was within the realm of reason. Unlike my last selection's author, McNees understands how to artfully integrate fact and fiction. She employs her research in a way that does not, as my friend Phyllis states "smell too much of lamp oil."
And who does not love Little Women and wonder about the life of its author? Well done Ms. McNees; I shall look forward to more from this author.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a ton of bricks

would have been a better title for Susan Rebecca White's novel, a soft place to land.

So what's my problem with this tale? First, I cannot tolerate authors who make gratuitous use of events - especially 9/11. Setting can be established without mention of this event. Add to that the use of the US Airways Flight 1549 to bring Ruthie to appreciate/understand/love her sister? Lame.
Second, the over use of research. All authors research for their novels - it is their job. A good researcher has more notes than they will ever use. This read smacked of an overt attempt to use every stinking bit of it. We know the main character loves food. We do not need to know that the wings ordered at the bar are "meaty" when she is in the midst of an argument with her husband over her unwillingness to have a baby. Pointless.
Third, the reader needs a character with whom they can strongly identify or hate. Nope. Ruthie is a sweet child who once she becomes an "adult" is whiny and petulant. Julia, for whom we should have no sympathy, is actually the more balanced of the two.
Fourth, authors should never overtly push their political agendas in a narrative. Julia's "wanna be a Jew", Catholic bashing was just abhorrent. The coffee scene was nice; a young couple meets for hours and has a great time talking. She finds out that he is pro-life and she suddenly leaves and then refuses his phone calls. Only 9/ll and going to church brings them together? Lame.
Finally, an unnecessarily complex plot always muddies the waters. Relationships between sisters is difficult. The custody arrangements made in the will, while plausible, was not necessary. Julia could have experienced the same issues living with her sister after the death of the parents. Knocking on the door of the old homestead, being invited in with the country club drunk and being given the mom's old treasures found in a 'secret' closet? I could go on and on...
I need a really good book to flush this one out of my mind!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Her Fearful Symmetry

The reviewer was kind. Too kind. Seriously one of the worst books I have ever read. I only continued because I was happy to picture so many of the places in London that were mentioned. My time would have been better spent with my map.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I Tried, But It Didn't Help

I tried to do good things today, but for some reason I am still in a summer funk. I get this way every August once the back to school letter arrives. My SIL thinks that is ridiculous, but all the education folks know exactly what I mean! Hey, I know several teachers who actually cry all day Labor Day! Does that clue anyone in on how this job can stress a person?

So my good deeds for the day? Taking the neighbor's dog to the vet - again. And I donated blood to the Red Cross.

Then I ate cake.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Pitfalls of Being an Adult

My children are learning that with new privileges comes great responsibility. My son, the new driver, pulled into the driveway last night to find his oil pan had cracked. The trail he left on the road, not to mention our driveway, was far more telling than anything Hansel and Gretel left behind.

The girl child has now worked over 14 consecutive days between babysitting, a desk job and an internship. The realization that you cannot call into work sick 15 minutes before your start time is a hard one.

The mother is learning it sucks to have two additional drivers who always want a car!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Crazies

Another Top 10:

  1. One of our hometown finest treating his newly adopted cat to a special bath in the trunk of his car.
  2. The 17 year old new driver thinking I should know where she is when she is lost.
  3. The other 17 year old thinking we should not ask how his first date went.
  4. Lindsay Lohan.
  5. New York State allowing people who already have a phone to use their 'free' cell phone service.
  6. The 'Real Housewives' series.
  7. End of life Medicare spending.
  8. Thinking that this tuition is realistic for this program.
  9. Me, after a full month of vacation.
  10. Planning a mother-daughter road trip.

*Not to be implied that all items are equal in value or scope.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Yes, I finished something this summer! Two somethings that are on my way to my sister's.
These are the best fitting socks I have ever made. And they are not 'normal'. Toe up, reverse heel flap and an 8 stitch gusset. Yes, apparently I have some very odd feet. But they don't gap at the ankles and they are great - and they also fit my sis like a dream so whatever the deal is, it's genetic! The pattern is generic and lord knows what the yarn is - I lost the ball bands in the bag ages ago - some kind of cotton/wool blend.
My sister has also lost 30 pounds so I thought that deserved the summer tank made of Catania (rav link) in a beautiful peachy/salmon color. I would post a photo, but it refuses to play nice on the upload. So both are in the mail and on their way to Delaware.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

That Old Cape Magic

No, I am not going. But it sure sounds like a good idea:) Richard Russo is quite good at capturing the angst of the middle aged man. And cheese whiz, you men sure are a bunch of babies. So many of the men he writes about would be so much happier if they simply dealt with their emotions and thoughts up front, but what the hell do I know...
Last night's book club offered a wide range of opinions; we were a fairly split group. About half found the book horrid. They had a hard time finishing the book and hated the ending. The rest of us found it a realistic portrayal of the crazy mess a family can be. And really some of the scenes were downright comical - Ben Stiller would kill for that rehearsal dinner incident.
So if you like messy families and revisionist history, grab it for an easy beach read.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

And the answer is...

Boarding school!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Oh Stop Whining!

It's done. And you know you are in trouble when you cannot find a decent review. It's like this: Kate Morton loves old books and brilliant authors and she has a serious problem in the amount of influence she allows them to have in her writing. Too much like The Secret Garden, too much Dickens, and many others of whom I am sure are there, but of whom I have not the knowledge.

But - I could not put the flipping thing down. Better than her last book, yet I am always shocked at what her editors allow.

So what did my first month of vacation look like? London, Paris, Barcelona, four days of curriculum writing, about 5 books, a little bit of knitting, a 50th birthday party, lots of cleaning and washing up, far too many hours on the internet, many walks with the dog, some spinning, a big family picnic, far too many hours on the telephone, Shakespeare in the Park, Dug's Dive, some ice cream, a lot of beer, a birthday tea, letter writing to a friend, and lots of time in the car with the kid who needs a license.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

I Knit?

Seriously, the needles and I are not friends at the moment. I am having a huge disconnect with the hobby that has always brought me such pleasure. Summer? Too many books to read? Spinning? Who knows...

But I gotta knit this....from the new Twist Collective Fall 2010. However, I think my sky shall be a sunset. Can't you see it with a tonal orange/pink/something?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Madeline Got Very Old...

I have no explanation, but this took me months to finish! Literally. I must have really thought it was one I would love as I found two copies of it on two different book shelves in my house!
But I didn't. I have decided I really do not enjoy stories that span the lifetime of any of the characters even if it is a fitting ending.

Green Eyed Overdrive

I very seldom get cranky when I don't get what I want. But this my friends this is sending me into overdrive. And frankly it is not so much who is going to be there, but where they will be. Oh yeah, and the fact that Judith will be there - because I believe she is a goddess. Really.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Tale of Friendship

I truly enjoy the work of Ms. Chevalier and this one was one of her better pieces. Remarkable Creatures chronicles the lives of two unlikely friends joined by a common interest: fossils. Set in the early 1800's in Lyme Regis, this story shows the hardships of class, sexism, science and religion.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Passion of Youth

And how I wish I could find it!

My son just got his driver's license and he is obsessed with fitting out the car with a proper sound system. My niece has a job in a law firm that has inspired her to go to law school. A woman in Chicago was "living Oprah" for a full year. My daughters fill their days with activities that focused on their personal goals.

Me? I got nothin'. Absolutely nothin'! And I miss that. I miss waking up in the morning itching to start the day. I miss the excitement that comes from each of those little milestones along the way. And really I need something to focus on...

...because one of my newest friends is moving away and I am feeling the loss. The last month has been filled with "lasts": the last time we will travel with 'our' group, the last time we get together for tea group, the last time we go to dinner and the movies...

I am trying to be positive. I know there are many 'firsts' to come when we meet again, but I am sad because it will not be the same. The girl who loved change is now the woman who is not willing to accept it in her personal relationships.

So, I am looking for an obsession to fill the void and am open for suggestions:)

Monday, July 19, 2010


A 'vanilla' summer tank. Catania cotton, the photo is a pretty good match to the actual color. It is outside drying...if I do not LOVE it when I try it on, it shall go to my sister who shall appreciate it more than I.
New things for this garment: hemmed on the needles and an I cord edge.

Three Bags Full

Watership Down it ain't. Sorry, but this one truly failed to catch my interest. I kept slogging through thinking that something was going to happen -like I would finally get the point, but I did not. I just felt incredibly stupid!
George is murdered and the sheep want to know how. I think all the fodder talk and cloud sheep just sent me in the wrong direction.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

What I Love About Summer

I feel a need to do a top no particular order:
  1. Long sunny days
  2. Watermelon
  3. Rainy days after too many hot days
  4. Reading for hours under the tree
  5. Drinking a cold beer on the deck every day at 5:00
  6. Knitting for hours under the tree
  7. Napping in between the reading and knitting under the tree
  8. Walking the dog
  9. Uncle G's for ice cream with my brother
  10. Being home for hours on end

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Barcelona, Park Guell

Hard to believe that just one week ago I was still in Barcelona! We arrived in the city via train from Paris. What a wonderful city! Clean, civilized, polite, beautiful, historic...a truly refreshing break from the heat, filth, and attitude of Paris.
As soon as we arrived we met our tour guide and enjoyed the city introduction. The only problem was that I was so tired from the previous evening, I kept nodding off! After a few pix at the top of city, we moved on to Park Guell designed by Antonio Gaudi. Amazing! This was truly a place where one could get lost. I only wish I had the words to describe the magic of this setting!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kid Stuff

Know any reluctant teen readers? This is for them and those who just love a good story. I only wish I could share Arnold's tale, but the mom's would have a fit if they found out how much time the average teen narrator talks about naughty-bating!
Anyhoo, read the review - and the book - because this is a coming of age story with a very unique slant.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Paris, Le Musee du Louvre et Le Chateau Versailles

Our first full day in Paris was spent on a three hour bus tour of the city. After a great lunch: the obligatory croque monsier, we took the train to Versailles. Once we hit the gates our group split apart. Pam and I zipped through with the help of an audio guide. And I must there was a significant difference in the number of tourists this year - I could actually spend as much time as I wanted in a room without being rushed! But the gardens were really at the top of our list.
After spending an extra 8 euro, we had close to three hours to spend looking at the fountains, walk through the maze, and make it to the lake! That seriously made up for the horrid subway and the dinner we were about to eat...
The following day five of us went to le Musee d'Orsay while the bulk of the group went to l'Louvre. I cannot even begin to say what I enjoyed more - the building or the art work. And the art deco was truly inspirational.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

And a Book or Two for Good Measure

We all know I love Maisie. And it was quite fitting that I read a novel set in London while there. Always a light read, this was my least favorite so far so I am hoping the Ms. Winspear spices up Miss Dobbs life a bit in the next one.
Pompeii was a wonderful read! Based on the discoveries of the aquarian, Attilus, the reader is taken through the politics of ancient Rome and the engineering of the aqueducts. All this set two days before the eruption. I think this will be my next book club pick.

Paris, L'Arc de Triomphe un Tour Eiffel!

We left London around 10:00 for Paris. Believe it or not, I actually preferred the ferry from Dover. The train was lovely and fast, but I missed seeing the country side from the bus ride to and from the coast. But I must admit, I enjoyed the nap!

Our hotel - insanely small, no air conditioning - was clean and had a friendly staff. However, the location was horrid! Although only a 20 minute cab ride from the city centre, it was about an 1 1/2 hours from anywhere on the subway. And who can abide the Paris subway? Filthy. HOT. Crowded beyond belief. EF Tours: SHAME on you! Add to the fact that I caught a pickpocket with her hand on my wallet while still in my purse, you can imagine my new found love of the city's finer points.

Anyhoo, after my birthday dinner - great quiche - we hoofed it over to the L' Arc de Triomphe. And I am so glad. Last year I had the opportunity to see it from the window of the tour bus; it is so impressive in person. Seeing it as the sun set throuh the arches was beautiful.

The Eiffel Tower shot was from the following evening after the day at Versailles.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

London, Hampton Court

How does one choose what to do with such limited time in London? On July 1 we opted to go outside the city - as we had no boat to cruise the Thames, we took the train from Waterloo out to Hampton Court. The palace is a short walk from the station, just over the bridge and to the right.

Cardinal Wolsey certainly was one arrogant man to think he could syphon off such sums from the church, build a grand estate and not garner the attention of the king. We were greeted by a guard who wanted to know our business at court on the King's wedding day and then forced into servitude for an hour. Cute idea really. We had wonderful audio guide after our lunch of pasties and tea.

After leaving the cool of the country, we went back to the city where we spent an hour at Harrods and then found a pub in Kensington for an awesome dinner and a pint or so to end the day.

My only London regret? No time for the V&A and Cath Kidston. Next time.

Friday, July 09, 2010

London, The East End

The East End of London has never been a glamorous place. Too close to the docks and too far from the City Centre, it is usually ignored. But when London hosts the Olympics in 2012, many will see its charms.

While my tour group visited the Tower of London, three of us headed north. After a great working class lunch we set off on the grand adventure. Armed with a map and no particular place to go we found Spitalfields Market. As it was mid-week, the vendors and stands were at a minimum and what was on hand was a bit more dear than I had hoped. My next quest was the vintage and thrift shops, but apparently one of my companions missed that part of the conversation before heading out and was more than a bit grossed we moved on. After an hour of leisurely walking we found the Geffrye Museum. This was a former alms house that has been converted into a fine display of period rooms and gardens. It was well worth the walk. My favorite was the geranium tree - something I plan on working on this week at home.

Luckily we found a brand new tube stop behind the museum. The Hoxton stop was not on my Streetwise Map, but lucky for us there it was! Kinda fun as one of my favorite knitting podcasters hails from this neighborhood. So as there were no Electric Sheep in sight, we made our way back to the group and moved on to the Hard Rock Cafe. There we had the opportunity to go into the vault to view the guitars and costumes of the music icons. Not really a rock star groupie, but it was pretty neat.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dear Mr. Harding,

I love your book. I love each and every word on each and every page. Reading tinkers was much like being pulled in a lazy river of time and space and memories not of my own.
This was a word puzzle much like George's clock pieces just waiting to be put in their proper order. I. Love. This. Book.
And don't I feel smart? Throughout the entire novel I could not help but be reminded of Gilead by Marilynne Robinson. Read the review and you shall find out why.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Who Doesn't Love a Short Novel?

This one was a bit like eating chips mindlessly from the bag. Really not tasting anything, but compulsively grabbing one chip - or in this case- page after another.
This was a rather complicated story that moved from 1997 to the present and from one crazy, dysfunctional character to another. I truly enjoyed the story line, but this felt like a book where the author was trying a bit too hard. It was if the author had written one too many drafts and submitted the wrong one. A bit like my students who are trying so hard to impress. I have faith that Mr. Somerville's next piece will be better and that his voice will be his and not the one he thinks we need to read.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Glad I Read the Review

So here's the deal with this one - I had to read the review to figure out where the hell the title came from! Last week at book club, Teri and I were discussing that we loved Anne Tyler books as they are not dragged out. I spoke too soon.
Although I could not seem to put this one down, I was feeling disappointed when I hit the last page. Liam is one sad sack of man. And - I was quite upset that I over identified with his mental state - just waking up - and fighting to get your bearings.
Can't say I loved it, but I am glad Liam found a happy ending.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Book Club Night

My monthly book club does not generally double dip on authors so I was surprised when Shanghai Girls was the 'assignment'. I must admit I do agree with a large portion of the linked review, but here are a few thoughts of my own...
...I do not enjoy books that take place over decades
...or that have unsatisfactory endings
...the characters were well developed, yet at times unbelievable
...the history was interesting
...I learned quite a bit about Chinese culture
... even more about Chinese immigration
...the Chinese are the unsung minority of this nation

Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

How fitting that my poppies chose today to bloom! Truly gorgeous...The clip of my plying sample, not so much, and that is why no one shall see it!

And Robert's Rules of Order? I have a friend who is constantly asking if anyone has a copy believe it or not! Well, now she does - or will - once I see her. I found this at the flea market outside of Dewittville this weekend.
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Saturday, May 08, 2010

And That's What I Did Today

I decided to play "princess" today. I slept in...until I heard poor hubby fall down the stairs. Don't worry, he's fine.

After a nice cup or two of coffee, I watched an episode or two of The Tudors and did a bit of spinning. Isn't it brilliant? Look back a few entries and you will see the Happy Family we did at Raveloe. I plan on plying this with some black super wash wool, but I have yet to decide what it wants to be. At first I thought socks, but we'll see.

Then this princess took herself to her royal chambers and cleaned the bejeebers out of them cuz the chamber maids appear to have been sent to another part of the castle. I was so into my task, I tore the vacuum apart and cleaned out every bit of it as well! Yes, I actually enjoy cleaning...makin' that OCD work for me, right ME?

But the most decadent part of all? Staying in my jammies all day before I get taken out to dinner. Ah, the bliss of it all.

*BTW, if you have not watched The Tudors, you must. The first two episodes were a bit over the top, but now I love it. I almost makes me forget Henry is a real rat bastard. Oh, and Cardinal Woolsey.....
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Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Things We Learn, Even When We Are Not Trying!

This morning DH needed a few things fine tuned at the hospital. When we arrived the waiting room was empty allowing me to knit without the usual stoooooopid comments about how they used to crochet and make lampshades...blah, blah, blah.
As the morning progressed I found out some interesting things such as yellow comes in many shades, you can use scotch tape to put up perfectly good pictures in your bathroom to make it POP!, that a bunion can be so bad it will actually break the the neighboring toes requiring one to tape them together, two pound bags of potato chips are best enjoyed at 9:00 in the morning while reading trashy supermarket gossip rags, Mr. XYZ's prep did not work so he'll have to wait to be scoped....
So here is the lesson: I can hear you. Everyone in the room can hear you and we really do not want to. I now understand why people text the person sitting next to them.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Aren't I Lucky?

This young lady amazes me; she truly does. I am one lucky mother.

Dear Jet Blue,

I am not happy. Please do not leave a message telling me my flight home was canceled. Please do not have me wait on hold while the slow, but very nice young woman tries to re-book my flight. And please do not have my friend stand at the counter at JFK for over 40 minutes while the other nice, but very slow young man tries to fix the mistakes that were made the previous evening while we were on hold for 48 minutes.

And seriously, do not ask me to fill out a "Customer Satisfaction Survey" after I lost six hours of my visit with my daughter.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Can't Resist

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Another Happy Family

Aren't they adorable?
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Grouchy Old Woman Reads at an Alarmingly Slow Rate

I am this woman. The grouchy teacher who is aging less than gracefully. The one who means well, but forgets to ask herself who she thinks she really is. The one who does not see how she crowds those around her and forgets that the things that she often sees as flaws in others are truly their strengths.
This one a good book.

This was not a good book. I honestly have not disliked a novel this much in a very long time. Was it poorly written or translated? Did Stieg Larson have no sense of purpose, or was it a bad editor? Do the Swedes have a very different aesthetic or was this truly bizarre?

I am cheating here. I am half way through and am enjoying it. The author's voice is authentic enough that I feel as though I am the fly on the wall. I am trying to make myself remember that even though a six year old would never speak with such authority, she is telling the tale through the pen of an elderly woman. Not too bad considering I am reading it hard on the tail of this next one. For a book of Salem, not too bad at all.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Disgusted and Disheartened

Last Friday I celebrated the end of the work week thinking things could not get much worse, and then along rolled Monday. This is just a touch of what I heard this week in the halls and such from or about groups of 12 and 13 year olds in my building:

"When my mother took me to the gynecologist for birth control, you would not believe..

"Oh, that guy's a porno star. Of course I'm sure, I watch at least two of those movies a week!"

"My mother took my phone away, cuz she found the text messages and pictures of me...and she called me a slut."

"Did you notice something strange about student X this morning? The bus driver believed she had marijuana on her and we cannot find it in her locker."

"You have to show up for homeroom or they call your parents, but after that we can take off."

"What do you mean you have to call the police because my kid got caught showing porn to another kid?"

"How was I supposed to do my homework if I never went home last night?"

"It doesn't matter, her mother doesn't care what she does!" "She's right, she really doesn't."

"Why is that table set all fancy?" "Fancy? It's just a normal setting for dinner." "Oh, we never eat at our table, I just take it up to my room and eat there."

And one wonders why they are never excited about school.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

One Happy Family

Tuesday evening the gang at Raveloe Fibers celebrated the Chinese New Year with its annual Happy Family Event. Our friend and shop owner, Linda, picks up an awesome dinner from Tin Tin to begin our festivities.

After dinner each participant spreads 3 oz of fiber from their personal stash on the table. A totally random selection ranging from natural suri alpaca, creamy soy silk, to rainbow dyed llama. From there we moved to the Rainbow Theme selected by Linda. ROY G. BIV hit the table in order, one color at a time.

Then the fun of rolling the lot into a lovely crayola colored log. We each left with 6 ounces of colorful roving ready for the drum carder. One pass through and it is simply gorgeous!

We spent the remainder of the evening talking about all the ways to prepare and spin. Erica and I chose random grabs of fiber and ran it through the drum carder; from there we are thinking of plying it with black to make the color really pop! Others are planning on selectively pulling out colors to create specific stripes. Our friend, Phyllis, will be blending hers with a cream to white roving before carding.
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Sunday, February 21, 2010


Do not ever tempt the gods. Less than three minutes after that last post we received a phone call that our son was on the way to the emergency room for stitches. It was not serious, just a cut foot.

I need to re-read The Pearl.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

When the Stars Align

, or I should really play the lottery today.

Seriously, have you ever had a day when everything went a tad better than planned? Tonight I am hosting a couples' baby "thing". We are not calling it a shower out of respect to the testosterone inclined in the room. Anyhoo, I needed a cake and really was not keen on ordering a fancy one. I hit the best bakery, Muscoreil's on Niagara Falls Boulevard (you'll see why I am plugging in a sec) and went to the display case. I ask for one of the lovely giant's in the case - one large enough for 16 or so. No problem, but if I cared to spend only $7.00 more I could have the HUGE one to the left with baby proper bit and bobs to serve 40 because the person cancelled their order that morning. No contest. And yes, it does freeze well.

Hit the liquor store, found all the groceries, cleaned and dusted the last minute things and am at the computer by 5:00.

I actually have time to book my vacation - under duress - I am afraid of the cruise my family has convinced me to reserve. Lord, please do not let me spend four days with my face in the head.

Tomorrow is spinning guild! Great program lined up; I just can't wait. We are sure to be standing room only. Hard to believe we are only two months in and our membership is almost 45 strong.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Are You Kidding Me?

Or...this is where the madness begins. The youngest member of our team at work is having his first baby and we are having a bit of a couple's party this weekend to celebrate. One of the younger girls in the know sends me to this big box store to purchase the latest and greatest of baby monitoring tools and a "man bag". No problem. I thought.
Now the daddy-to-be is a bit like me, a person of simple tastes and needs. We really don't appreciate all the bells and whistles; we like form and function and all that stuff. Two minutes in the big box and I felt the full extent of his fear. Seriously moms, how many types of baby monitoring devices do you need? Audio, video and breathing? A stroller for your car, the park and Grandma's? A diaper bag for mom, dad and the care-giver? I think you can see where I am going with this.
As long as you believe that baby needs everything, they will live their lives as such. Do your child a favor and raise them with simple wants and needs; maybe some of it will stick after they make it to kindergarten!

Olympic Torch?

This is the Burberry Inspired Inspired Cowl. I started with this lovely super wash bulky merino as per directions and it was mammoth! As I have a ridiculously short neck, I was forced to adapt.

And yes - it really is that orange. Thank goodness I actually look good in it:)
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

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Order Reigns Again

It took a while, but order has been restored to our little home. The rooms are freshly painted, but more importantly, the detritus of our lives has been put back in its place.

That left me with some time to visit my oldest niece in Rochester. After our lunch, my brother wanted to hit his favorite comic book store. Crab, crab...where's my yarn store? No fear, I found something just as good: the best used bookstore I have ever seen!

Mr. Westerberg is the nicest man you will ever meet and his store, The Yankee Peddler Bookshop, is a treasure. To the left you will see the under $30 purchase that made my day! I have an irrational attachment to these two authors stemming from a childhood box of books gifted to me by my aunt. The Myrtle Reed cover, Mr. Westerberg told me, was from one of the more 'famous' cover designers of that era. It differs from the other two selections I have of hers. The inside pages are also unique with a sweet little border on each.

Gene Stratton-Porter is the more famous of the two. She wrote many novels based on the forests of the North West. I was thrilled to get this book as so many of her works are so very dear. And as I am not a 'collector' it seems silly for me to spend a week's worth of groceries on one edition.

So the remainder of the day shall be spent on the now clutter free living room with a good cup of tea, my book on cd, and my Olympic UFO project. I'd better get crackin' as I am already two days behind the rest of the knitting Olympians.
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