Sunday, January 30, 2005

close up
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Recycled Eros

All right...things would be great if I had more yarn. I have to knit directly from the old sleeve to the new sleeve. I have about 3" of old to turn into 5" of new. It is not going to work. I love the new color with the Katia Sevilla. I wish my camera could show the depth of colors. I am resigning myself to the idea that this will have to be a vest or a cute little tank. Hmmm...did you see the lightbulb? Debbi, I know that the vest is exactly what you suggested the first time I realized things were wrong. But a tank could be the ticket! I'm thinking high neck with V cut. Sound good?

Good news...the new guage is barely 3 stiches to the inch and without bulk! I am trying to tell myself that this can be salvaged. One way or the other I am shooting for a completion of next weekend. Wish me luck.


Bored? Frustrated? Overwhelmed by choices? I said in an earlier post that I believed I much more enjoyed the process than the end result. Zeneedle was asking the same questions. She is so right...Why do we abandon projects when we feel that they are too "slow" when we know that by its nature, all projects are slow. Like Leigh I too do not enjoy working with anything over 5 stitches to the inch. Bulk is not flattering for some of us -:)

So I continue to plod along. DH and I set off to the LYS to pick out his Tahki Donegal Tweed for a project from the Fall Issue of InterWeave Knits. But, DH did not like the colors at the LYS; so we order. Why not from somewhere else? Because I know I will need help with this one. Zimmerman designed so guess what it has? Did you guess cables? And more cables? You win!

Until color 894 arrives, I will plod along on one of my biggest mistakes. Look up, see that cute little hooded piece? This was started and finished during summer of 2003. And it looked great. I kept ignoring some gauge issues. I was using Eros, two colors stranded. The fabric was truly awesome. But the gauge...I just could not get an accurate measurement. So I "seamed" the shoulders for a quick fit before doing sleeves. Everything was still fine. I finished the sleeves. To the measurements provided, sewed them in, put it on, and SCREAMED. Ok, I just seamed too tightly; I tried again. Loose seams, 3/4 length sleeves? What the heck. And the neck shaping? All wrong. So back to LYS for help. Add more yarn (up to 3 strands...And my daughter thinks I knit to save money), go up to 10.5 needles, and I am trying again.

I have a sinking feeling that I will end up with a bag of useless 20 balls of Eros and 6 more of Katania. Scarves anyone?

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Ladder yarn hoodie!
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Friday, January 28, 2005

Something warm for baby!
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Yes, This One Counts!

No, I did not just finish this. I have been holding the photo. However, I was able to finish this before my friend's baby arrived. This is a great "baby blankie" size. Encore yarn - babies require wash and wear, double stranded, 13 needles, and a basketweave pattern with a garter stitch border. It has been through the wash and dry cycle to remove any of the stray dog hairs that float through our entire house. Although I did not enjoy knitting this (I hate knitting with Encore and I find blankets/afghans a real bore), I am pleased with the finished project. It was a good thing to drag out when I got cold; I know it will be great for baby!

So since I have been on my mission to finish, I have completed:

  1. Entrelac shawl
  2. Baby Blanket
  3. Baby Kimono
  4. "Harry" from Pipsqueaks

Believe it or not, I am actually beginning to enjoy this getting things done phase. It is certainly making me feel very productive.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Strike a pose!
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What to Wear

What do you wear when it is the second straight week below 20 degrees? Why sweaters your wonderful mom makes from hand dyed, hand spun wool of course! This is crafted from yarn purchased at the 2003 Hemlock Fiber Festival. It was finished before Hemlock '04, but this is the first time E wore it. With prompting again! I had to re-wash and give it a serious dosing of fabric softener.

Tonight is adult off I go. I think I will work on my next incomplete project. I picked up some bulky, soft, soft yarn at my LYS during the fall. The front is almost finished. This one I am totally making up as I go. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The smile may be cute, but she's missing the last 15 minutes of Amazing Race!
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More ticks on My List!

Ok...I have been a very good little knitter for the last week. Son, K's, sweater is on its way to being finished. His sister was coerced, um I mean, offered to model it. Can you tell that it only has one sleeve and side seam sewn? Ha! I did not think so. Also, pay no attention to those holiday candles on the table. I've been too busy knitting to put them away.

Today we had Knitting Circle at school. All in all a successful day! I taught one girl how to use start a hat on circs, another how to purl, and another how to start knitting. My friend who started the group was very generous and bought several pairs of needles to get the girls started; even at one of our local "big box" stores, that gets expensive. I showed her the ones I made when teaching the girl scouts. You know those complicated ones? Cut dowels, use a pencil sharpener to get a point, sand till smooth? Well, S. bought these great hard wood dowels, these needles are awesome! I need to find some really cool beads or something for her ends.

Tomorrow is adult knit night! I'll post some other pictures and hopefully finish the other sleeve and seam.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Baby Dale Wrap
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One More Off My List!

Yes! Yes! Yes! One more off my list. Dare I admit how long this has taken me to finish? I started this when my husband's cousin told me she was pregnant. Little M is now, gulp, 3 years old! This summer I thought it would make the perfect gift for my boss's new daughter, but it seemed like to much trouble to sew on the ties. Oh can you believe it? Please, is there anyone else out there that has the finishing issues I have? I will continue to hold on to this in anticipation of my brother and his wife having a baby. Ok, I admit it. I have trouble letting go.

We have a small knitting circle at my school. There are 3 teachers and on and off around 10 students. And they are not all girls! How cool is that. Anyway, I want to get them off the scarves and swatches and on to hats. Alison at The Blue Blog has the cutest hat pattern that I plan on sharing with the kids. We have tons of worsted weight yarn for them to use.

I also have grand plans to have the school's Councils and Honor Society sponsor a mitten (hat & scarf) tree. When I presented the idea today no one seemed very excited; however, it is the middle of January and I would like them to remember that people are in need 12 months of the year. Somehow all their charity left them after the Salvation Army Food Drive in December. If we could get this off the ground, the knitting circle could really get some "press".

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Green eyes turnin' Blue

No, it was not something I wanted to do. But hopefully it is something that will help me keep my New Year's Resolution: Do not start any NEW projects until all WIPs are completed. So I frogged one project for the third time (three is a charm, right?), gave each its own comfy bag to hang out in, and avoided the temptation to grab the past issues of IK and plan something new.

So now my knitting room is orderly and I am so sad. Why? Because now that I am forcing myself to be a disciplined knitter, it feels like work. Why do I not want to finish? Because I am a perfectionist. Because none of my finished projects can ever live up to my expectations. And if they actually do, and they have been intended as gifts, I actually have a hard time giving them away. Is there a therapist for that?

So, project #1 to get off the needles is an oversized turtleneck pullover for my son. The pattern, Harry, from Pipsqueaks;yarn...the snob in me will not say. Let it suffice to say it is a superwash wool. I dare not insult anyone with my snobbiness. The front and back are finished. I am currently knitting the sleeves at the same time. Yes, it is to gauge, but it is huge! He should be able to wear it for at least two winters! I shall post a photo tomorrow:)

Saturday, January 15, 2005

A Manos sundae
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