Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring Break

I just added another item to the bookshelf. Part of the big "purge" is to read the the borrowed books and return them to their rightful owners. E.L. Doctorow's The March, is one of those. I normally am not drawn to Civil War titles, but this one was very unique. Doctorow's style is very different.

The story of Sherman's march north is told through the eyes of its victims on both sides. Little vignettes are developed. There is the relationship between Confederate belle, Emily Thompson and the German born Union surgeon, Wrede Satorious. Young Pearl and her "stepma'm/owner" Mattie. Will and Arly who jump from side to side trying to make it out alive. The devastation of this war always saddens me. And the sheer scope of this presentation did little to make the reader feel any hope. We all know how it ends, but Doctorow does a stellar job of making you feel the immense hopelessness of those caught in this point in time.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Crush

I admit it. I am in love with Ian McEwan. Every word that he puts on paper I adore. This book is a treasure. One that I need to re-read as I found myself rushing in anticipation, forcing myself to slow down, to go back. On Chesil Beach is a gem. Read the times review - much more eloquent. Talk to me McEwan.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

City Lights

I never and I mean never seem to make it into the city proper. Yet somehow this weekend I managed to get within the city limits three times in as many days. Friday was rather interesting. Fund-raisers are not really my thing, but a friend invited me to attend the Aurora Waldorf's Artist's Evening held at the 20th Century Club. Formed around 1895, it is the female version of The Buffalo Club. It is amazing to walk into a building that my family would never have been allowed to join. I am sure that the closest my Roman Catholic Polish and Italian ancestors would have gotten to those rooms was with a broom and a dust pan.

Saturday was fun day! Husband and I took the boy and two friends to the game. And we won! But of course after just one beer my resolve to not snack went out the window and we hit Duff's for some wings and fries. I cannot believe that in our attempt to clog our arteries we forgot to order the gravy! DH and I both paid for the three (!) wings we ate with wicked heart burn all night. We have indeed become middle aged wimps. So sad.

Continuing my not a resolution resolution, I spent more time with family and friends. Breakfast with my sister, and then the afternoon on the deck of my friends house in North Buffalo. To sit in the sun and unravel an entire sweater that has been a "dog" on the needles for the last four years was heaven. I think I have a good project lined up thanks to Ravelry for this Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Wool. Something a better suited than the locally designed sweater that just was not singing to me.

Monday beckons...who invented work anyway?