Friday, October 28, 2005

Rebecca Needs...

Another far from original, but tres cute blog entry. Google "Your Name" and the word "needs" and see what you get!

Rebecca needs...
  1. ...enlightenment.
  2. ...a family that is structured and consistent.
  3. find out.
  4. get out and find a boyfriend.
  5. ...just one good, meaty, dramatic role, and the chances of her skyrocketing into fame will increase tenfold.
  6. ...a home where she can get a lot of love and attention.
  7. ...direction.
  8. have that ankle operated on.

Now let us see which ones apply :)

Well yes, I am searching for enlightenment. If only it was like one of Willy Wonka's Golden tickets and I could find it in a bar of chocolate! But what have I been able to find out? That although my home is far from structured and consistent, the people in it are getting a lot of love and attention. (I told you I spend a lot of quality time locked in a car with them on a daily basis yesterday, didn't I?) I also mentioned yesterday that I had wanted to be an actress. I think I found the "good, meaty, dramatic role" : middle-aged, slightly over weight, suburban mom. I think I am doing fairly well with that one. Oh yeah, and if I do manage to find a boyfriend, my ankle probably will need some medical attention after I get kicked out of the house. So who knew Google had all the answers.

Tomorrow I am taking a, gulp, crochet class...they tricked me and said it was for knitters. I'll hopefully have some pix to post tomorrow.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Random Ideas

I am stealing Liz's random idea, that she swiped from Holly , who grabbed it from... oh you get the idea. So here are 20 Random Things About Me:
  1. My favorite thing in the world is ice cream.
  2. I currently spend over one hour a day driving three kids to various activities.
  3. I have successfully dieted twice, kept it off for many years, and then gained it all back.
  4. I hate exercise. Maybe that was why I was in the "remedial" PE class in elementary school.
  5. I have been knitting so long I do not remember learning.
  6. I really do not like spending too much time away from home.
  7. I have three children; two of whom are twins.
  8. I wish I could play an instrument.
  9. During the course of my lifetime I have wanted to be a nun, a psychiatric social worker, an actress, a singer; I ended up being a teacher. Except for the nun part...most days I get to be a little of all of the above.
  10. I am good at my job, but often think about changing careers.
  11. In theory I love the idea of having huge blocks of uninterrupted time; in practice I cannot stand it.
  12. I cannot pick one favorite book, but if pressed: To Kill A Mockingbird.
  13. I dream of living in loft in any city.
  14. I dream of living on a farm.
  15. I filled out the application for the PBS Frontier House series, but I never mailed it.
  16. I do not attend a formal church, but think about my relationship with God daily.
  17. Chewing gum gives me a headache.
  18. I "write" the first paragraph of "my novel" in my head at night when I cannot sleep.
  19. I hate Christmas.
  20. I love the day after Christmas.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Is Tomorrow Really Monday? Again?

Last night I was sitting in my car watching my oldest through the front windows of the store where she works. It was closing time and she was scurrying back and forth: wiping, sweeping, vacuuming. And suddenly I had a vision of her as a toddler. Holding on to one of her Fisher-Price toys, doing that little walk that only 11 month olds do. Back and forth across the room, over and over again. That proud smile, that laugh. Hard to believe that was 16 years ago. But she still has that smile and a great laugh. What a wonderful young woman she is!

And so to those two people who decided they needed to be rude to my little sweetie who is trying very hard at her first job... that grouchy old man who has had his entire life to learn patience: no...she is not "retarded or something" because she could not make your sandwich fast enough on her first day of work... the lovely woman whose husband decided that he needed to rattle off the sandwich ingredients as A was making did not "want him to come back there and make it for her."

And while I am at it... the woman at the Transit Wegman's. Would it have killed you wait for me to get my cart completely out of the row before you walked in front of me and started pulling yours out?

I am honestly at the end of my tether with rude people. And I would tell them so, only that would be rude.

Knitting wise I attended the Guild's Shadow Knitting class. Cool, but something that I definitely could have taught myself. I may break down and buy the Vivian Hoxbro book. Stitch N Bitch also has a really cool alien scarf pattern.

Later this week: Christmas in September.

Monday, October 17, 2005


It is apple pickin' season and all the city folk are heading to the farms. Growing up surrounded by orchards on all 4 sides, I cannot help but find this amusing. Having trees full of fruit is something I always took for granted as a kid.

Each summer we were mesmerized by the bee man as he dropped the bee houses, but for some reason had a healthy respect for those buzzin boxes. We would spend hours plucking (shhhh...don't tell) the pink and white blossoms off the trees for our mud pies and other crafty creations. Throughout the summer my mother and I would run for the clothesline in a frenzy when we heard the spray truck start up. It meant extra loads of wash if the pesticide mist hit clothes :( And then the fruit! My sister and I literally made one fresh pie per night the year we learned to bake them in 4-H.

Now farms are something I do not understand. They have suddenly become a form of entertainment now known as Agritainment.

The first farm was purchased by a college grad with tons of ideas.
Murphy Orchards is located a few miles from my parents' house. It makes lots of fresh jams, jellies, and juices. Little old ladies can come and enjoy a civilized tea in the renovated room in the old farm house. Little kids and scout troops can see the hole in the barn that was part of the Underground Railroad. These are all worthwhile activities.

Next, we have Becker Farms. This is an old family farm that is simply responding to the times. It learned that it was simply more profitable to allow pre-school groups and families from the Buffalo suburbs that a day in the country was all about U-Pick apples, hayrides, and pasturized cider. Each weekend during the fall it is packed with families in SUVs and half bushels of apples. I think it is nearly impossible to find a family in the area that does not have great memories associated with this farm.

Now we move on to the real money maker. The Maize. For just $5.00 a head you can run wild through a field. Send away for a cool computerized planting schemata and look what you can do! Allow the little critters to smash the plants and have some wicked corn cob fights. Not to mention the great hidden corners for all the teens on the flashlight tours. C'mon, we know the maze police cannot see everything! It is also a great place for parents to dump their kids for an afternoon if no one is looking.

I know I sound bitter or something, but that really is not the point. It is just an old country girl amused by the changing times. Something like going on a whale watch and expecting Sea World. Know what I mean?

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Why Are Weekends Only Two Days?

Yesterday Knox State Farm hosted its first fiber festival. I think for a first year, a decent showing. Knowing that I had over 10 pounds of fleece in my garage and two under bed storage containers plus full of yarn upstairs, really took the edge off of any buying desire. But I did buy a wonderful glass bracelet from a really talented artist! Another plus was the tons of good advice I was able to pick up while manning the Knitting Guild "Learn to Knit" area. There were several spinners set up - including this awesome woman who spent the day spinning dog fur!

September kicked the snot out of me. I am feeling totally overwhelmed with the back to school routine. Today I washed about 1/3 of the fleece and started combing with some dog slicker brushes. I now have some lovely, soft rolags piled in my basket. However, I also have a HUGE pile of not combed fleece on the picnic table. I think it is safe to leave it there for a day or two...the temps are still unseasonably warm. October and 77 degrees usually does not happen around here!