Sunday, December 30, 2007

Holiday Hangover

The New Year has yet to arrive and already the itch to purge my house of Christmas has begun. It came. It went. Stick a fork in it; it's done. So yesterday the Santa collection flew back to the North Pole. The Snowmen will remain for a bit, but I have a feeling they will miss the old guy and ask to leave within the next week or so. The "Charlie Brown" tree with the colored lights and tinsel - "Mom, that is sooooo cheesey!" is already in the basement.

Once I saw my oldest packing her suitcase to go "home" (HOME? Home is here! What does she mean home?) I felt it was time to call the holiday quits.

But have you checked out Mary Ellen's craftiness? Looks like she is getting ready for next Christmas already. Her awesome ideas come from this crazy ass talented woman. My green eyes are glowing...

Yesterday was a good day. Smarty Mags, P, and I hit Daft Dames to score some goodies for our looms. Mags being the talented freak she is, went from a rigid heddle to an 8 harness loom in less than two months! Me? Not so good. Hubbie gifted me the Kromski rigid heddle last Christmas. I have yet to complete one project. I did take a class at EGLFC in the fall, and was devastated when I realized I did NOT love it. So, I hope that some of Mags' enthusiasm is contagious and that she will push me to get something done. So I have the makings of some red and navy blue placemats for the lake house. May the weaver's force be with me.

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Home Stretch

We are now at the home stretch of Christmas frenzy. It is time to take stock, check the list, and check it again. The gifts have been purchased, wrapped, and placed under the tree. The grocery list is done, the stockings are hung.

I believe I can relax.

I am so relaxed I have faith that two hats can be knit between now and the big day. That I can make a few "unscheduled" social calls.

I believe that I shall be able to follow the little Christmas tot's advice and spread some 'cheerful looks and words'.

And the reason for the change? I have taken Christmas "off" this year. For at least the last TEN years I was under the impression that it was my job to make merry for both sides of the family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Each year I decorated, shopped, cooked, and cleaned.

And last year as I watched everyone else laughing and drinking after walking into my home empty handed, fully expecting me to make it happen, I had an epiphany. I was invisible. I was being taken for granted. And so this year it is not my turn. It is not my responsibility. Holidays will happend with or without me. I am not indispensible. And if taking a year or two off makes others appreciate my past efforts, then I must say this is a good thing.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

23 Days and Counting or Still Not Time to Panic

Where is this guy when I need him? Each and every year this slacker of a man forces me to do his dirty work. And he gets all the credit. Typical man. The eternal optimist in me keeps thinking, "This year will be different." So I wait. And wait. And wait. Then I PANIC.

Let it never be said you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. I am making a public announcement that I began my Christmas shopping more than two weeks prior to the actual event. I mean real presents. The big ones that family members actually requested. And despite the fact that today is a Saturday, I found parking spots close to the door. That all my sought after items were in stock AND found for me by nice, not yet stressed out sales people. Huh. Do you think it's like this every year?

Now, I am by no means finished. But after having lunch with my brother and wonderful wife (yes, I even went out for lunch:), we knocked off all our ideas for the rest of the family.

You know, I may even enjoy Christmas this year. But don't tell Smarty Mags ;)