Sunday, February 21, 2010


Do not ever tempt the gods. Less than three minutes after that last post we received a phone call that our son was on the way to the emergency room for stitches. It was not serious, just a cut foot.

I need to re-read The Pearl.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

When the Stars Align

, or I should really play the lottery today.

Seriously, have you ever had a day when everything went a tad better than planned? Tonight I am hosting a couples' baby "thing". We are not calling it a shower out of respect to the testosterone inclined in the room. Anyhoo, I needed a cake and really was not keen on ordering a fancy one. I hit the best bakery, Muscoreil's on Niagara Falls Boulevard (you'll see why I am plugging in a sec) and went to the display case. I ask for one of the lovely giant's in the case - one large enough for 16 or so. No problem, but if I cared to spend only $7.00 more I could have the HUGE one to the left with baby proper bit and bobs to serve 40 because the person cancelled their order that morning. No contest. And yes, it does freeze well.

Hit the liquor store, found all the groceries, cleaned and dusted the last minute things and am at the computer by 5:00.

I actually have time to book my vacation - under duress - I am afraid of the cruise my family has convinced me to reserve. Lord, please do not let me spend four days with my face in the head.

Tomorrow is spinning guild! Great program lined up; I just can't wait. We are sure to be standing room only. Hard to believe we are only two months in and our membership is almost 45 strong.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Are You Kidding Me?

Or...this is where the madness begins. The youngest member of our team at work is having his first baby and we are having a bit of a couple's party this weekend to celebrate. One of the younger girls in the know sends me to this big box store to purchase the latest and greatest of baby monitoring tools and a "man bag". No problem. I thought.
Now the daddy-to-be is a bit like me, a person of simple tastes and needs. We really don't appreciate all the bells and whistles; we like form and function and all that stuff. Two minutes in the big box and I felt the full extent of his fear. Seriously moms, how many types of baby monitoring devices do you need? Audio, video and breathing? A stroller for your car, the park and Grandma's? A diaper bag for mom, dad and the care-giver? I think you can see where I am going with this.
As long as you believe that baby needs everything, they will live their lives as such. Do your child a favor and raise them with simple wants and needs; maybe some of it will stick after they make it to kindergarten!

Olympic Torch?

This is the Burberry Inspired Inspired Cowl. I started with this lovely super wash bulky merino as per directions and it was mammoth! As I have a ridiculously short neck, I was forced to adapt.

And yes - it really is that orange. Thank goodness I actually look good in it:)
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

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Order Reigns Again

It took a while, but order has been restored to our little home. The rooms are freshly painted, but more importantly, the detritus of our lives has been put back in its place.

That left me with some time to visit my oldest niece in Rochester. After our lunch, my brother wanted to hit his favorite comic book store. Crab, crab...where's my yarn store? No fear, I found something just as good: the best used bookstore I have ever seen!

Mr. Westerberg is the nicest man you will ever meet and his store, The Yankee Peddler Bookshop, is a treasure. To the left you will see the under $30 purchase that made my day! I have an irrational attachment to these two authors stemming from a childhood box of books gifted to me by my aunt. The Myrtle Reed cover, Mr. Westerberg told me, was from one of the more 'famous' cover designers of that era. It differs from the other two selections I have of hers. The inside pages are also unique with a sweet little border on each.

Gene Stratton-Porter is the more famous of the two. She wrote many novels based on the forests of the North West. I was thrilled to get this book as so many of her works are so very dear. And as I am not a 'collector' it seems silly for me to spend a week's worth of groceries on one edition.

So the remainder of the day shall be spent on the now clutter free living room with a good cup of tea, my book on cd, and my Olympic UFO project. I'd better get crackin' as I am already two days behind the rest of the knitting Olympians.
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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Medal Envy

Unless you live in some sort of knitting bubble, you know what this means. And now that the events in Vancouver are just days away, the Olympian spirit is everywhere! Even my little local yarn shop, Raveloe Fibers, is joining the fray. Ravelry seemed to have the market cornered on the teams and I thought the Harlot was going to step aside this time. How dare I ever think that the famous Stephanie would not rise to the challenge! And boy, did she! Well, that did it for me. If Step can knit an Olympic Sweater in 12 days, I know I can finish something.
And 2010 seemed a good year to join in the fun as I have my winter break during the games; what could be better? Problem: what to do? The Garter Yoke Cardigan with a hand painted yoke? Or the Tea Leaves Cardigan that I just love?
And then the guilt hit me. Well, not hit me - more like tripped me. Literally. I mentioned "the chaos" in my last post. Now that my BIL is finished, I get to start the clean up. And the multiple bags of UFO's in the den just about killed me as I tried to pick my way through the piles in the den, and living room, and family room and...
So what would you do? Spend your winter break and then some getting one new lovely cardi or finish one summer tank, one multi-yarn white 3/4 sleeve spring cardi, one slipped stitch snuggly brown cardi, and Terry's Pullover?'s time to clean house in more ways than one.