Thursday, March 31, 2005

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Toronto We Go!

One solid week home with my children has been almost enough to send me over the edge. From the comments of those around me and in blogland, I know I am not alone. True, I have gotten a great deal of knitting done. I have one panel of the Manos afghan finished. Wow! Was that fast and fun. Don't you love Manos?

In the midst of my vacation boredom, I realized I could not go back to work and admit I had not had any fun. Especially knowing that each and every bronzed adult face I will see will be dripping with tales of fun in the sun...blah, blah Florida...blah, blah, Mayan Riveria...blah, blah, Arizona...So let me return with blah, blah Toronto. Hey if it's good enough for Harlot, it's good enough for me! So we will drop off dear Jake at the 'doggie hotel' and head for the Ontario Science Center, Casa Loma, and hit the 130 foot waterslide at the hotel! Now, if only I could convince the family that it is fun to go to all the yarn shops in the city...

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter!

Shhh...can you hear that? I had forgotten this sound. It is the quiet of early morning while everyone is still asleep. Nothing but me, the dog, a cup of coffee and my knitting. I had four blessed days of silence while my school was on break before my children's, but it just did not measure up. What is it about knowing that they are all home, snuggled under the covers that makes that stolen morning hour so wonderful, so deliciously quiet? When the children were little, I would set my alarm and sneak downstairs. I had forgotten how those few minutes could help start my day on such a 'centered' track.

Jake decided that 7:00 was late enough for me today; I woke to his wet nose nudging my elbow. It was the first morning that I had been able to follow him out on the deck without grabbing a coat. Early spring means that the birds at the feeders have yet to figure out that we are not a threat and flew away as soon as we opened the door. Something besides a blackbird (yuck) and the robins at the feeder this morning. I believe, I believe winter will end!

My son, K. made DH and I a lovely breakfast of bacon, pancakes, fried bananas, and peaches. Not bad for an 11 year old! His sisters missed out on the fun; heck...why would we expect them out of bed before 10:00? DH cleaned up, and now the 'boys' are off on a walk. I am happily typing away, E. has found her basket and is eating Cadbury Creme Eggs for breakfast, and A. is still abed.

So as I ask lovely E. to turn down the television for the third time, it is time to switch to knitting news. I finally was able to move a piece of the 'bad knitting karma' out of the house. I have had my friend's sweater in the house for over a year and a half. I finally finished setting the sleeves, doing the side seams and one shoulder. I could not finish it as she had missed one of the shoulder shaping bind offs. I have assured her that once she corrects that I will be happy to finish the remaining shoulder seam and help her with the neck. However, it must be done at her house so that the 'bad karma' cannot re-enter mine.

Rhaposdy in Tweed has one completed sleeve and two chart repeats of the back finished. I am not enjoying the Donegal Tweed. Ei says that it is one of her favorites. I hope that when washed it softens up a bit. So in order to put some tactal pleasure back on the needles...I started a little something from the Manos stash. Don't tell the Donegal, but I just was completely fulfilled! I needed more!

If you are reading, you may wonder why Easter services are not a part of this day. much do we share? Especially when I do not know who, if anyone, actually reads my humble offerings. Yes, this household believes in a greater being, but we do not belong to any church at present. And I shall leave it at that for now...

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Knitting Drive Gone?

The above is sung to the tune of "Oh where, or where has my little dog gone?"

I do not have the discipline of Alison who somehow runs multiple KALs, raises adorable twins, and still manages to turn out astounding amounts of completed projects in addition to making one blog entry per day. I do not have the wit and talent of Stephanie who entertains, impresses, and teaches me each and every time she posts. I do not have the "just plain cute" and daring of Jenn. And the list goes on and on...

So what do I have? Well, you will just have to wait and see! I am putting myself on a new regimen. One hour a day. That's right! Don't believe me? Well, neither do I. However, I did manage to make up for the entire week between yesterday and today. So tomorrow I will post pics of Rhapsody in Tweed. But first, let me share the problem.

Theresa will understand me when I say "it must be right". So last Saturday I spent a large portion of the day swatching for Rhapsody. Why? Because as stated two weeks ago, it just was not right. I had started on the recommened 8s and finally worked my way down to 4s. What the heck! The quick sweater is now looking like my entire spring! No! No, I say! So I very cheekily track down Kathy Zimmerman's site and ask for help: had she ever heard of anyone dropping 4 needle sizes. Can you believe she actually responded to me in less than one hour?! How generous! And...gasp...she essentially tells me to work with the needle size that gives the best fabric and start the sleeve. WHAT? (Ok, no smart ass comments from the likes of Harlot) I know other people do that, but me? Is she sure?

So, I did it. The 4 was just too dense, the 6 did not provide a enough 'pop' on the mini cable; I compromised with the 5. I have the sleeve half finished and the gauge is right, the measurements match. So tomorrow I will treat you to pics of "The Sleeve".

And what else have I been doing? Mid term reports, reading two novels, and pouting at the snow. And I know all you New England bloggers can understand how that can just make the old yarn wilt on the needles this month.