Sunday, January 31, 2010


I do not do well with CHAOS. My well being is soundly grounded in the order of my physical environment. Want to know my mood? Just look around my house. I am not a complex person.

Now impose the chaos on me and you can only imagine.

My brother-in-law is currently doing a ton of work on the house; my huge to-do list is being tackled. Unfortunately, it involves the tearing apart of many rooms at a time due to my lack of prioritizing and apparent lack supply purchases. So daughter #1's room has one coat of Spackle and paint. Daughter #2 has everything in the middle of the room awaiting Spackle and paint. And, as you can see, the living room is a sight. And therein lies the real problem.

I was going for a new look and chose what I thought would be a subtle color. I walked in the door to be faced with my lack of taste. Color choice #2 was purchased yesterday. I will provide updates later.
Jake was trying to get in each and every picture so I thought I would let him have his own spot today:)

Monday, January 18, 2010

In My Humble Opinion

I appreciate the day off; however, I have a better idea. For this, and every other national holiday, would it not be better for us to spend the day together contemplating what has come before? To spend time with those who contributed to the cause and learn what it meant to them and how it changed their lives?

I feel that this "day off" sends the wrong message to our children and young adults. Would it not be better to honor Reverend King and all those who fought for our civil rights by continuing the effort? Would it not be better to take the "day off" from our "normal curriculum" and spend time doing something to support the legacy of this fine man and all those who worked with him? We are missing a wonderful opportunity to work with our current civil rights leaders. Just think how meaningful it would be to have students learning about the continuing struggles of those around the world!

It saddens me to have this day and so many others reduced in meaning to an extra day to sleep in and 20% off at the mall.

Saturday, January 09, 2010


As each new year begins many of us reflect upon the months just passed. For me, it was just 'another year' and so I had not been considering writing of the events of 2009.

So what changed? What I was hearing. For the last nine days almost every person stated they were grateful this year was over and that 2010 could "not be any worse" than this past year.

Seriously? Each person that said this to me had gotten through the recession with their job or pension plan intact. Each one was healthy. Indeed they had their ups and downs, but 99% of these ended with satisfactory outcomes. Maybe not what they had hoped, but still...

So as I reflect on 2009 I am thankful; I would gladly live this one over. If you know me, you have suffered through my bitching and moaning, but my problems are not out of the ordinary.

So 2009, I thank you. My children are healthy, each one working their way to adulthood on their terms. My husband provides us the means to live better than most I know. My parents may still be able to push my buttons, but they are here to do it. I have a brother and sister-in-law who are the best friends a person could ever hope to have and two others that would rush to my side in an instant. I have my tea group, book club, knitting circle and my team at work. I spent my 50th birthday in Europe.

2010, I look forward to more of the same.