Friday, March 21, 2008

Add a Little Spring to Your Needles

I finally got around to checking out the spring issue of Knitty. Finally, something I want to knit. Based on the fact that the last issue of IK left me so uninspired, I was keeping my fingers crossed. Honeycomb is perfect! I have been searching for a vest pattern with just this look for ages. And better yet, I believe I have just the right yarn hiding out in my stash. I absolutely love the scoop neck, narrow shoulder, and stretch.

My next pick is Yosemite. Again, stretchy fabric, clean lines. And love the collar! I have not really checked out the yarn specks, but I am thinking that the coral Catania I have been swatching for the last two summers may fit the bill.


Mary Ellen said...

Love the new header. I agree, it's getting hard to find knitting patterns worth the time effort and yarn. Happy Easter!

luci said...

Wow, sweet header. Your blog looks awesome.

Rebecca said...

Thanks Luci! And to think it only took me forever to figure it out;)