Friday, June 12, 2009

What Ewe are You?

Isn't that cute? That means I like soft, basic, and all purpose wool. No surprises there.
Am I allowed to say this week was torture? This marking period has been horrid. For reasons outside of my control, one unit ate up the 8 weeks of teaching time. We had two state assessments taking four days of instructional time, the music department took two more days. Today we had an awesome CSI activity, but that took another of 'my' days. Now the high school band teacher sends an e-mail 2 minutes before the last bell saying he is pulling kids for band auditions. No flippin' way I say. And I still have material to cover before the final exam and only one day to do it. I need this school year to end. NOW.
I believe I am about to eat a half gallon of ice cream straight out of the carton.

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