Friday, September 25, 2009

Really, I Am So Not Ready

Yesterday it was the sumac, blazing crimson cones sailing above the mottled leaves. Today I see the locust trees have turned golden. Not ready, so not ready for fall. OK, I take it back, I am so not ready for the end of summer.
Over the course of the last three weeks I have made many an attempt to accept the inevitable. I took on a student teacher, one way to avoid the traditional start of school issues. I come home early and pretend that I never left the house. I turn off the alarm clock in my sleep to avoid getting up in the dark. I turn a blind eye to the dead annuals in the deck pots.
Well, it ain't workin' folks. Today is the day I accept defeat. I shall blame it on the morning weather guy who announced that today we shall have only 12 hours of daylight. It is time to move to the dark side. Sorry, but fresh apple cider, pumpkins and corn stalks on the stoop, crisp Saturday afternoon walks, none of it makes up for the loss of daylight.
Excuse me while I book I ticket to someplace South of the equator.

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Mary Ellen said...

But there is Michaelmas to look forward to!