Saturday, March 06, 2010

One Happy Family

Tuesday evening the gang at Raveloe Fibers celebrated the Chinese New Year with its annual Happy Family Event. Our friend and shop owner, Linda, picks up an awesome dinner from Tin Tin to begin our festivities.

After dinner each participant spreads 3 oz of fiber from their personal stash on the table. A totally random selection ranging from natural suri alpaca, creamy soy silk, to rainbow dyed llama. From there we moved to the Rainbow Theme selected by Linda. ROY G. BIV hit the table in order, one color at a time.

Then the fun of rolling the lot into a lovely crayola colored log. We each left with 6 ounces of colorful roving ready for the drum carder. One pass through and it is simply gorgeous!

We spent the remainder of the evening talking about all the ways to prepare and spin. Erica and I chose random grabs of fiber and ran it through the drum carder; from there we are thinking of plying it with black to make the color really pop! Others are planning on selectively pulling out colors to create specific stripes. Our friend, Phyllis, will be blending hers with a cream to white roving before carding.
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