Saturday, March 12, 2005

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Knitting Drive Gone?

The above is sung to the tune of "Oh where, or where has my little dog gone?"

I do not have the discipline of Alison who somehow runs multiple KALs, raises adorable twins, and still manages to turn out astounding amounts of completed projects in addition to making one blog entry per day. I do not have the wit and talent of Stephanie who entertains, impresses, and teaches me each and every time she posts. I do not have the "just plain cute" and daring of Jenn. And the list goes on and on...

So what do I have? Well, you will just have to wait and see! I am putting myself on a new regimen. One hour a day. That's right! Don't believe me? Well, neither do I. However, I did manage to make up for the entire week between yesterday and today. So tomorrow I will post pics of Rhapsody in Tweed. But first, let me share the problem.

Theresa will understand me when I say "it must be right". So last Saturday I spent a large portion of the day swatching for Rhapsody. Why? Because as stated two weeks ago, it just was not right. I had started on the recommened 8s and finally worked my way down to 4s. What the heck! The quick sweater is now looking like my entire spring! No! No, I say! So I very cheekily track down Kathy Zimmerman's site and ask for help: had she ever heard of anyone dropping 4 needle sizes. Can you believe she actually responded to me in less than one hour?! How generous! And...gasp...she essentially tells me to work with the needle size that gives the best fabric and start the sleeve. WHAT? (Ok, no smart ass comments from the likes of Harlot) I know other people do that, but me? Is she sure?

So, I did it. The 4 was just too dense, the 6 did not provide a enough 'pop' on the mini cable; I compromised with the 5. I have the sleeve half finished and the gauge is right, the measurements match. So tomorrow I will treat you to pics of "The Sleeve".

And what else have I been doing? Mid term reports, reading two novels, and pouting at the snow. And I know all you New England bloggers can understand how that can just make the old yarn wilt on the needles this month.

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Nancy said...

Oh, my total sympathies! Sometimes it just seems the knitgods are against you.

As the woman who found herself with a pink pool right over the breast once I understand learning that lesson the hard way too!