Thursday, March 31, 2005

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Toronto We Go!

One solid week home with my children has been almost enough to send me over the edge. From the comments of those around me and in blogland, I know I am not alone. True, I have gotten a great deal of knitting done. I have one panel of the Manos afghan finished. Wow! Was that fast and fun. Don't you love Manos?

In the midst of my vacation boredom, I realized I could not go back to work and admit I had not had any fun. Especially knowing that each and every bronzed adult face I will see will be dripping with tales of fun in the sun...blah, blah Florida...blah, blah, Mayan Riveria...blah, blah, Arizona...So let me return with blah, blah Toronto. Hey if it's good enough for Harlot, it's good enough for me! So we will drop off dear Jake at the 'doggie hotel' and head for the Ontario Science Center, Casa Loma, and hit the 130 foot waterslide at the hotel! Now, if only I could convince the family that it is fun to go to all the yarn shops in the city...

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