Friday, June 24, 2005

A Redbird Christmas

Yes, I know it is the end of June. But if I am like most folks, Fannie Flagg is an author that catches the eye for one reason or another when spied on the library shelf. If you are looking for a light, feel good read - complete with a "too perfect" ending - this is it. A RedBird Christmas portrays a town that can only exist on paper. But Lord help me - I love to believe it is real!

But here is the reason I needed that dose of sugar. Young adult literature. I have returned the last three selections to the library unread because I could not get through them. I have had it up to here (you decide where that it is) with novels written for teens that show nothing but dysfunction. Is there an unwritten rule that states that if teens are to read it that the mother must be dead, missing, or dependent on something horrid (drugs, sex, alcohol, an abusive spouse/partner)? That the adults in their lives are all self-centered and would make outstanding poster children for 101 Ways to Be a Bad Parent? As the teacher of these young adults, may I say to the authors: That they are not sucked in! They find it depressing! They think it is fake! They want to read about worlds that they can be places of fantasy. Yes, Harry Potter. But also stories that are about them - not hordes of septic youth that the ALA seems to think are out there reading. End of rant, but I am finding it difficult to find something new to use in my classroom. Any suggestions?

But back to knowing it is the middle of June and not Christmas... bought a GREAT little scarf book. And I plan on knitting my way through the whole thing! I shall post very soon the FINISHED project. Then it is off to the socks!

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