Tuesday, June 21, 2005

No, I Have Not Moved to the Bahamas

It would be nice if I could spend some quality time on one of these lovely lounge chairs. Unfortunately, my time has been spent on some other high quality endeavors.

For example, we have...

...end of the marking period grading, final exams and proctoring in 90+ heat :(

Spending far too much time with these...

And really trying to fly through a lot of these to pick out books for next year's exciting 8th grade ELA class...

As the year starts to wind down, I think of all the projects that are waiting for me. Where would you begin?

  • Entrelac socks
  • Lorna's Laces self striping sock
  • Brown "magic loop" sock
  • Fair Isle sweater
  • White "oh so many funky yarns" cardi
  • Eros "it will never fit you right, so why don't you forget it?" zippi
  • Side to side cardi "the one in the blue bag that I cannot find"
  • Cool chunky yarn to make the "OMG that is so easy, I can make that!" pullover I saw while on vacation
  • Tweedy Cable pullover for my husband; aka "You never make anything for me!"
  • Philosopher's Wool substitute for my wonderful SIL, that I love ever so much! Yes, she can wait another Christmas because she loves me, too!

And those are the ones on the needles. We shall not discuss what is in the bags, lined up like little soldiers ready to do battle. Oh yeah, and did I tell you I started the coolest little scarf on Sunday because it was too hot to work on the Manos afghan from Hell?

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