Saturday, November 26, 2005

Yes, They Are Adorable Aren't They?

Thanksgiving was truly something to celebrate this year. All the kids, save one niece , were home this year to gather around the big bird. I fell asleep to the sound of them all gathered in the family room laughing at some stupid movie. Joy!

Nephew N has enlisted in the Army; he will leave for basic training less than one month after graduation. I ask all of you to pray for his safety as he begins this journey. He is so proud; I am so nervous.

We have one more photo of my oldest; isn't she a talented thing? My mother looks impressed doesn't she?

And did any of you venture out to consumer wonderland for "Black Friday"? A black day indeed when shopping for Christmas means we trample our fellow man in a 5 a.m. stampede to get the 2005 must have item. Did any of you see those video clips on the news? I paid homage to the mall last weekend, from this point on it is all virtual shopping.

Enough computer time. Off to enjoy the southern branch of the family before they leave for Tennessee.

P.S. My macho brother is in 7th heaven - he just found a "Good Times" marathon on the tube!

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