Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Odds and Ends

Last night I finished a very interesting book. The Boy Who Loved Anne Frank by Ellen Feldman was based on Peter van Pels, the boy who was in hiding with Anne Frank. Feldman's book is based on the premise that Peter survives the camps. The novel follows Peter after his arrival in the United States. He becomes a successful businessman who settles in New Jersey. He loves his wife, worships his children, and is haunted by his past. van Pels turns his back on his religion, vowing that his family will never be taken - that he will be prepared.
My only criticism of the book was one of tone. Peter's voice did not ring true. The words, the concerns, his relationships seemed "off" in a way that I cannot label. But truly, a book worth reading.
The Yarn Harlot just had some kind of fun. How I envy her trip to SOAR. But let it not be said that McPhee is the only one who has fiber filled weekends. I, too, had a weekend of spinning and weaving. Want to see what I was up to? Since Margaret and MaryEllen (October 8)have done all the work, I will not duplicate their efforts. Thanks for taking pix while we all have tootsie pops in our mouths Mags! After spending two days with Patsy Zawistoski, I no longer feel as though I am posing as a spinner. Long draw, double draft, worsted/woolen spin and prep. I got the power! We may not have been catching drop spindles in our teeth, but we had a great time in a beautiful setting with wonderful friends and teachers.

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