Saturday, November 10, 2007

Things Daughters Should Not Do Again, and Again, and Again...

  1. Spend your entire allowance on things like getting your nails done? When you are 14! And then asking your mom for money two days later.
  2. Stay after school without telling your mother, and then DEMAND a ride immediately and get angry because your mother cannot as she is still at work so that you can receive an allowance so that you can get your nails done.
  3. Promise you will do the load of towels "in a minute".
  4. Invite five of your friends over for a dinner they will cook and then not clean the kitchen.
  5. Invite five of your friends over for dinner and have them all show up with overnight bags.
  6. Invite five of your friends over for dinner and then have five BOYS ring the doorbell.
  7. Tell your now 10 friends you have it "covered" and then assume your mother is going to let the boys in the house.
  8. Go outside to tell the boys that your mother is some kind of moron and then hold a 15 minute conversation in the street.
  9. Drive your brother and his friend out of the family room because you and your five friends are obviously more important than his one friend.
  10. Send your sick father to the other end of the house because his stuffy nose is embarrassing.

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