Sunday, December 30, 2007

Holiday Hangover

The New Year has yet to arrive and already the itch to purge my house of Christmas has begun. It came. It went. Stick a fork in it; it's done. So yesterday the Santa collection flew back to the North Pole. The Snowmen will remain for a bit, but I have a feeling they will miss the old guy and ask to leave within the next week or so. The "Charlie Brown" tree with the colored lights and tinsel - "Mom, that is sooooo cheesey!" is already in the basement.

Once I saw my oldest packing her suitcase to go "home" (HOME? Home is here! What does she mean home?) I felt it was time to call the holiday quits.

But have you checked out Mary Ellen's craftiness? Looks like she is getting ready for next Christmas already. Her awesome ideas come from this crazy ass talented woman. My green eyes are glowing...

Yesterday was a good day. Smarty Mags, P, and I hit Daft Dames to score some goodies for our looms. Mags being the talented freak she is, went from a rigid heddle to an 8 harness loom in less than two months! Me? Not so good. Hubbie gifted me the Kromski rigid heddle last Christmas. I have yet to complete one project. I did take a class at EGLFC in the fall, and was devastated when I realized I did NOT love it. So, I hope that some of Mags' enthusiasm is contagious and that she will push me to get something done. So I have the makings of some red and navy blue placemats for the lake house. May the weaver's force be with me.

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