Monday, June 16, 2008

Stop Asking Me...

Being a teacher in the month of June means being asked, "How many?" How many what? Pickles in the jar? Buttons in the box? What? Oh, days of school left? Why do people think I am counting the days to summer break? Are all my peers and I just don't know about it? And for crying out loud, stop looking so shocked that I don't know.

It's like this. My final exam is June 23rd. I have a classes to take on July 10, 22, and 24. I have three days of curriculum work in addition to another two days in August for school improvement. Before September begins I will be at school for about a 40 hours prepping for the new year. So what exactly am I counting?

Saturday I started an entrelac felted bag. It's not that I needed a class, but it gives me the push I need to finish the project. So all in all it's worth the money to pay an instructor. I'll save the photo for next week when it actually looks like a bag...I bore myself with UFO shots.

On the bookshelf...I just finished the most adorable book. I LOVE books that have the "transport" switch. Maisie Dobbs was just such a book. Not a challenging piece, but fun. I adored the setting: Post WWI England. I loved the characters. I am thrilled it is part of a series and know that it will provide hours of happy reading in the near future. And better yet, I know someone who owns the whole series!

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Anonymous said...

You're back! Are you back to stay? I hope so.