Monday, October 13, 2008

Brain Dead?

Since school started, I have been in a funk. After six weeks of school you would think that I would be back in the groove. But I am not. I could blame it on a lot of things: having a student teacher, working with one of the "worst" groups of youngsters to grace our halls in many years, listening to the constant whining from some of my co-workers, listening to the constant whining of my children as they work their way through the first weeks back at high school, sorting out the conflicting messages of the political pundits, attempting to understand the real causes of the Wall Street get the idea.

Whatever the reason(s) the effects are even worse. My reading, which over the summer, was fast, fierce, and fun has become sporadic (to the detriment of my book club obligations). My productive level of knitting is back to its pre-summer trickle. My social life, which I was really making an effort to improve, is starting to wane.

Now, could my reading matter be part of the problem? The Bridge of Sighs by Richard Russo was a doorstop of a book. Named after the famous bridge in Venice, this 547 page missive, reminiscent of Empire Falls, takes us through the lives of Lucy (Lou C. Lynch), his best/worst friend Bobby Marconi, and their love, Sara Berg.
The first 300 pages were entertaing, the last 247 were just plain tedious. So stick a fork in it - it's done.


Sharon said...

I'm thinking about the days of yesteryear when I would be sharing your school issues. And I'm laughing at your assessment of Bridge of Sighs. I too stuck with it, but lord knows why. Good luck on getting comfortable with the new normal. :)

Vicki said...

I have the perfect cure. Join us at the White Linen Tea House on 11/1 at 11am for a blogger tea. Details on my blog, last week's post. A morning where like-minded bloggers from our area meet and trade ideas, eat and gab...Vicki at

Rebecca said...

Vicki, Oh how I wish I could go! That sounds so fun, but we will not be around that day:(