Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mean People Suck or Sixth Grade Teachers Can Be Less Mature Than Their Students

Ok...today I was held hostage by my job. Stuffed into a windowless, drafty room for eight hours. Granted, by the end of a rather non-productive day none of us were at our best.

However, is there a syndrome of some sort that makes a rude group/clique/small mob believe they are invisible to the rest of the room? Each time certain individuals spoke at this meeting, this little mob of bullies began rolling their eyes, laughing, making exaggerated, and may I add unflattering, facial contortions. WTF???

It was the first time in my life that I deliberately gave an adult my "teacher/pissed off mommy" look. Apparently that was enough to interrupt this unnamed syndrome and the symptoms abated.

I believe this syndrome is related to another which my husband and I refer to as "State of Oblivion". Persons exhibiting symptoms are simply called "Oblivions". Hey, I never said we were terribly clever at chez Swanson. I am sure you have met these people. No? Just this week I spotted the following:
  • a girl at Wegman's who wanted her sub toasted AFTER it was wrapped and bagged.
  • annoying women with push carts at Kohl's who blocked the aisles with their carts in the shoe department
  • more annoying women at Kohl's weaving down the aisles while their heads were turned sharply in another direction
  • drivers in pricey cars and the right of way coming to complete stops before making right hand turns
  • me, if I continue to add to this list and bore you with this rant:)

You get the idea. If you spot these individuals, remain calm. Shoot them "the look"; you will feel better and they will not notice. Avoid close contact. Although not contagious their actions may be harmful to your personal well being.

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smartymags said...

I *badly* need to see this Look.

And you know why I never comment? Because blogger is stupid and makes me log into wordpress and it's just a huge pain in the rear. Plus this word id thing.