Sunday, January 04, 2009


The Christmas Ghosts have come and gone and I have decided that two weeks home in the dead of winter is about one week too much. Complaining again, eh? Not really, but Christmas is a time of excess, especially for those of us who have a decidedly secular approach to the 'holiday'.

The Christmas Stockings for a co-worker were sent via the Santa Express thanks to the unexpected snow day.
After that I was able to knock off a pair of Fetching for myself from some Jo Sharp Silk Road Tweed. I was able get the pair from one skein with plenty to spare. I love these! Just the right thing for driving around, digging in the purse, etc. My girls found them a bit "Oliver Twist". I pointed out that Sarah Jessica Parker's character from Sex in the City wore them, but they still failed to be impressed with my trendiness.
I have cast on Amelia, and am about 3" in. I am making a real effort to stash bust. This is a Jo Sharp DK Tweed purchased many, many years ago. I did actually wash the swatch so I have faith that the stiff stuff springing from my needles will be one very comfy sweater. My goal is to finish it by the end of the month.
So back to work. We have survived colds, pneumonia, serious over eating, and outrageous cabin fever. Happy New Year, gentle readers.


Mary Ellen said...

Hey Chica! Love yer 101 list! Will the rest be posted in dribs and drabs?

Mags said...

You posted! Maybe I'll be next!