Sunday, January 11, 2009

One Day at a Time

In my quest to become healthy, I added weight loss to my 101 list. On Ravelry, someone pointed out this neat little site called Everyday Health. This website allows you to chart your food intake and exercise. The cool part is it lets you see where you are going wrong. In two days, I have been able to see that one huge "myth" I was carrying around about my food intake: sugar. I honestly thought that I was not eating any. I've been in total denial about what carbs do when they hit the digestive tract. Silly me. Tomorrow when I hit the market, I shall shop smarter.

Today my mom, sister, daughter, and myself went to the movies. This is also part of the 101 things. I love films and I never go, silly me again. Today we saw Doubt. Meryl Streep does it again! This film is based on the Pulitzer prize winning play. Good stuff, this. Great script and out of this world acting. Unfortunately, I was the only one who left thrilled. Apparently my companions were in the mood for a belly laugh and a bit of escape.
For that I would recommend what we saw last week: Slumdog Millionaire. Young Jamal is accused of cheating on a Hindi version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. The film takes us through Jamal's life explaining how this uneducated child of the streets has such a knowledge base. This plot my friends, is what movies are indeed made of. And yes, you leave feeling better for having seen it.
Amelia is progressing. I would take a picture, but looking at 11" of something is like watching grass grow. I will show you what it looks like when I add the sleeves to the yoke. Although this is a simple sweater, it is providing me with some knitting "firsts".

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