Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Multi-Tasking Man

Could someone please explain the title? Was it Erdrich's first choice, or the preference of a confused editor? Yes, Fidelis was was the butcher - who sang- and came to America after the great war- with his knives - chasing down a slice of bread - only to find himself in North Dakota.
And explain the cover will you? The cover art is obviously meant to represent his first wife, Eva. Nice girl, nice pregnant German girl who marries the best friend of her dead soldier lover - who follows the singing butcher to North Dakota and befriends Delphine - who is really the more important of the two women in the novel.
Yes, it was a good book that is possibly better read quickly rather than in dribs and drabs so that the continuity is not lost. I cried at the end which really confused me as I did not feel that connected to the characters and I found myself wondering, "What was the point?" So many years, a vast and interesting array of characters to be sure, but the purpose? The theme? Sorry, but it was lost on me.

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