Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lucy, I'm Home

Our book club's November meeting was delightful. Lucy by Ellen Feldman was an easy read about one of America's most celebrated presidents, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I must admit, this title did leave me with more questions than answers. How does a woman have an affair with her employer's husband? How does she keep in close contact over three decades once the affair ends? Why does a woman allow herself to be snuck in and out of the White House?

After reading, I felt little pity for FDR and a great deal for his wife Eleanor. Which brings me to why book club was so delightful. Our lovely hostess, Shirley, always spoils the group with a welcoming smile, an abundant selection of food and wine, and a sincere joy in hosting our group. Shirley usually has some little parting gift: pins for the lapels of our winter coats just brought out of the moth balls, or handmade table pieces for an upcoming holiday. You get the idea. Anyhoo, this month she tricked us all.

Upon our arrival, we meet Shirley's friend, Denise. She tells us she has invited her because she is an historian who is well versed with the era under discussion. As we begin our talk, Denise disappears. Upon her return she has morphed into Eleanor Roosevelt! She entertained us for a half hour with an entertaining narration of this famous lady.

The things I learned about Eleanor! I shall sum it up by saying she was indeed a gracious woman. And FDR? He was Bill Clinton's role model.

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Mary Ellen said...

It sounds like a fun night and a good suggestion for a book to gib]ve as a Christmas gift.