Saturday, May 08, 2010

And That's What I Did Today

I decided to play "princess" today. I slept in...until I heard poor hubby fall down the stairs. Don't worry, he's fine.

After a nice cup or two of coffee, I watched an episode or two of The Tudors and did a bit of spinning. Isn't it brilliant? Look back a few entries and you will see the Happy Family we did at Raveloe. I plan on plying this with some black super wash wool, but I have yet to decide what it wants to be. At first I thought socks, but we'll see.

Then this princess took herself to her royal chambers and cleaned the bejeebers out of them cuz the chamber maids appear to have been sent to another part of the castle. I was so into my task, I tore the vacuum apart and cleaned out every bit of it as well! Yes, I actually enjoy cleaning...makin' that OCD work for me, right ME?

But the most decadent part of all? Staying in my jammies all day before I get taken out to dinner. Ah, the bliss of it all.

*BTW, if you have not watched The Tudors, you must. The first two episodes were a bit over the top, but now I love it. I almost makes me forget Henry is a real rat bastard. Oh, and Cardinal Woolsey.....
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Mags said...

Lovely! Perhaps you could do a workshop!

Common Threads said...

But the question is, who would let me!

Mary Ellen said...

Sounds like a dandy day to me. The high point of my day was watching a 60 foot oak tree fall to the ground in my back yard.