Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Joys of Technology

I could not resist!

After all this time, I have decided I miss my little blog. It serves as an outlet for writing that my everyday life does not afford. And, more importantly, it provides me an opportunity to write with more depth and a sort of anonymity that Facebook does not provide.

What has been on my mind, as I sit at the computer yet again, is how much time I actually spend in cyberland. At least twice a day I check my seldom used cell phone, Facebook, Ravelry, my three e-mail accounts and hit a blog or two. All in an attempt to remain connected to people I either will never know in my actual life or with whom I have almost daily contact.

My children use technology to send pointless text messages about the quality of their morning cereal, a critique of their current life experience, or an order to their servile mother that they feel needs fulfilling.

I know I am not the only one thinking these thoughts. Have you seen the current Toyota Venza adverts? The 'adult' children commenting on their parents' meaningless lives? Hysterical. And a friend who stated that our ability to instantly communicate every thought we have is actually crippling us. How true! When my children phone me the second something they become lost, a plane is delayed, a connection is missed, they never learn the skill of stopping and thinking. To just be still and wait for the obvious solution to a problem to present itself.

So, as wait for my Nook to finish its download, charge my Ipod, and check my bank balance, I think I will watch a few more YouTube videos.


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knitica said...

great video, and so glad you're blogging again. I missed your insite and book reviews.