Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nothing Like My Wednesday Night Knitting Club

I was in the mood for a no-brainer and I think this one hit the mark. A friend had given this to me suggesting that it was a good fit for travel. Kate Jacobs created a group of characters, that while not being totally believable, were certainly likable.
Georgia and her daughter, Dakota, are a great little team - one that every mom dreams of. And she is surrounded by people that adore her. Her problems do not even begin until the end of the novel; instead, the conflicts of the novel are really centered around the minor characters that make up the knitting group.
I suggest this book only for those looking for a an interesting distraction. Kinda like potato chips - not necessarily good for you, but yummy just the same.

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Petra said...

I am already half way through the second one (Knit Two). I have it as an audiobook. Good companion to my spinning sessions. Next I have planned World without end by Ken Follett. Over 45 hours long! That means lots of spinning (hopefully).