Sunday, February 27, 2005

Bad Knitting Karma, Bad...bad...bad...

This weeks has been a total flop! What is the number one rule when working with hand dyed yarns? NEVER knit from one skein at a time. Everyone knows that. I know that. So why, WHY did I not do that. I picked up my second skein, knit away for two nights and you know what I saw don't you? And that was under my night to bright bedside table lamp. Needless to say the frog pond is now full of blue waves :-(

Next, we move on to hubbie's lovely cable sweater. I finally picked it up this morning after a full week's absence. I finished the first pattern repeat, held it up, and thought it was looking a bit large. Mind you DH and I are no longer at our "wedding weight", but he really does not need the thing to be a flipping 2" larger around. And I certainly do not need to knit an extra 2 inches x the 48 inches of length front and back. I think that is 164 rows x an extra 8? stitches per row = 1312 extra stitches! And DH had the nerve to say no big deal. Geez!

What is causing this Karma drain. Hmmm...could it be more of my impulsive behavior? I have been on the lookout for an affordable (cheap) spinning wheel. Looking through the local "Bee", I see one listed in the under $100 column. I squeal, I jump for joy, I grab the phone, I go to the house, I buy, I take it home. I cannot believe my stupidity. The wheel belonged to the seller's mother who used it as long as the seller could remember. She believes it was a hand me down from one of mom's relatives. Looking at the condition of the wheel itself, I would agree. It is so worn, I cannot fashion a way for the drive belt to stay on the wheel. Oh, and did I mention it appears to be slighly warped? Kiss. Of. Death. And in my haste, do you think I even noticed that it was missing the flyer and bobbins. It does have a quill spindle. Whoopee :-( Can I sell it and get my money back? Please?

So here is my only good news of the week. I decided the heck with it. I work, I buy my children clothes at all the name brand stores, I can afford a wheel. So that is exactly what I did. I marched myself over to my local fiber shop and ordered a double treadle Lendrum. It will be here in five months just in time for my birthday.

End of story.


Liz said...

Congrats on your wheel purchase. It's too bad you have to wait so long. I hope you have a spindle to use in the meantime.

Sharon said...

Attagirl! No sense crying over warped wheels. Just gotta clean up the mess and move ahead. I loved Time Travelers Wife also, and I think you'll find The Other Boleyn Girl very entertaining.