Monday, May 16, 2005

Can You Say "Entrelac Sock" 5 Times Fast?

"Entrelac is a technique in knitting whereby a knitter creates a fascinating and beautiful multidirectional fabric by knitting little squares in opposite directions. Some knitters enjoy this to no end and advocate learning to knit backward to simplify the knitting the millions of little squares. These knitters are patient and talented. In my experience, however, if you enjoy knitting entrelac, you may also want to try pulling all your nose hair out with tweezers."

Pearl-McPhee, Stephanie. At Knit's End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much. Story Publishing, 2005.

This from a woman who knits Latvian mittens as though they are an Olympic sport? So let us have a peek at the little goodie up above. I LOVE entrelac. It looks really cool, and it does not require a chart. So when I saw that a LYS was offering an entrelac sock class I was in! Great pattern, not so great colors. I had a choice between muted and bright. This is bright. Me no like. I really should try to reserve judgment until they are finished.

Have you ever had a "Great! Now they have the color I want!" moment? While working on the sock, I spied the new shipment of Manos in the colors I really wanted. But nooooo....I had to be hastey and buy what she had last month, didn't I? Crap, crap, crap! And would you believe I now want to rip out the last panel and 3/4? How irrational is that? I won't. I will finish. I. Will. Finish.

It is now time to revisit the ugly from the great "Don't you dare touch that yarn" auction. I knit a sample of the 'good' blue and the 'ugly' red. Unfortunately, they do not felt at the same rate. So here's the plan: knit the backpack in red. Knit a mile or so of blue I Cord. Felt. Attach I Cord to backpack with invisible stitch. I am so excited!!

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