Thursday, September 08, 2005

Knitter's Block

It's Thursday and I have three days of school under my belt. I told the superintendent it was a smooth start; I only lied a wee bit. For some reason everyone around me is in a foul mood. Heck, you would think after two months off - unpaid - we would all be more than ready to earn our keep. Apparently not. For some reason many teachers seem to think they are self employed and have the right to set their own working conditions. I shall say no more lest I offend.

Katrina has dealt so many a terrible blow. And to add insult to injury I heard something on NPR that was truly depressing. Apparently the city of New Orleans has been steadily sinking. Since the 1950s, the city has sunk about 2" every 10 years. The scientists believe that the current flooding will only cause increase in the drop due to the compacting of the softer soils near the Lake area. The assumption is that when the next large storm hits, even the French Quarter will be under water. No wonder so many people are saying that they will not return...the prospect is just too frightening.

I have had no time to knit. I have managed to seam four of the five panels of the Manos Afghan from Hell. We may see fringe on it before Sunday evening. Now the next big decision is to decide what to take on our trip to San Diego. Something airplane friendly. I think perhaps the alpaca cream and white alpaca.

More to come later!

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