Tuesday, September 27, 2005

It's Knit Night!

Guess what time it is? Time for me to have some fun! No, I am not running off to the races. I was bummin' cause I had missed the Hemlock Fiber Festival, but San Diego was almost as fun as being knee deep in fiber!

Anyway, this weekend Knox State Farm is hosting its first Fiber Arts Festival! And I cannot wait. So yes, Bonnie, I will be there!

I shall not jinx myself, but this day is going a bit too smoothly. K does not have scouts, E got in a good car pool for drama, dinner is in the oven, and I actually have all my papers graded until tomorrow morning. Nothing to do but make one car run and go to knit night. Happy, happy...

P.S. I have returned from Knit Night and am now not so happy. One of the girls brought a woman who evacuated from New Orleans with her husband and 2 children. How brave she is! I would not be able to move from pure despair! Her house was spared from the waters, but not from looters. They are currently living with her father. Her husband's job no longer exists in NO, but they are willing to transfer his position here - she wants to return. It was interesting to learn that they have evacutated the city 12 times in the 13 years she has lived there.

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