Monday, July 07, 2008

Buzz Kills

Have you ever had a really crappy day? You know. The kind where nothing goes right. Allow me to vent:
  1. The contractor finished the bathroom. He did a horrid job. The job that made me decide to hire him was wonderful. Like out of a magazine gorgeous. I cannot explain his sudden lack of skills. He is my daughter's BF's dad. Say no more.
  2. I bought tickets for Wicked. My daughter asked me to buy these tickets. She gave me a list of available dates. I called before ordering to double check they were still good. Yeah, you know what happened as soon as they were ordered.
  3. I stopped at the signal near the busy Wilson Farms. I try to leave the opening to the WF lot open for people coming and going. Four people benefited from my thoughtfulness. The guy behind me with the horn? Not so much.
  4. The retractable awning went haywire. I tried to be responsible and not put off the repair. After calling, hubby informed me it was not broken, just stuck. Call them back and do not let them any where near the house.

Tomorrow is another day.

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smartymags said...

G always says, "It could be worse. You could be on fire." Or, you could LOSE YOUR KITTENS.