Friday, July 18, 2008

Just Sitting on My Ass...

Is it possible to read too much? I finished another book: Now You See Him by Eli Gottlieb. Now, I normally do not like to link to Amazon for my book reviews, but the second reader comment comes closest to my own opinion. I selected this novel from an NPR review (the same as Mudbound). It was hyped as "intelligent" and a "literary page turner". Why do I not note red flags?

A middle aged man, stuck in the complacency of his marriage, his friends, his family - is sunk into the depths of...despair? angst? dysfunctional sex? misplaced loyalty? I cannot say I enjoyed this one. It was an easy read finished in two days without effort, but tiresome. How entertaining is it to read the ramblings of a man confused about his marriage, confronting his elderly parents about their childhood treatment of him, or his memories of childhood twenty years after the fact? There are secrets. Really good secrets. But for me, it just fell flat.

I left the house long enough yesterday to purchase a matching zipper and thread for the vest. Time to bite the bullet and do some sewing.

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