Friday, August 28, 2009

May I Please Have a Do-Over?

This was my week:
  • Monday I attempted to go to a doctor's appointment that was for the following week.
  • Monday I received a telephone call from my credit card company that someone had attempted to make a $2000 charge on my account. My account is now closed.
  • Tuesday I was late for the dentist as I failed to note a time change on the 'master' calendar.
  • Wednesday I was nearly T-boned by a NYS Trooper when the car I was in went into oncoming traffic.
  • Wednesday the dog groomer could not contact me as I was in a 'concrete bunker' of a building preventing cell service. It never occurred to the three people at home that they could get the dog.
  • Thursday I entered my bank and ran into the wall thinking it was the door.
  • Friday I went shopping to find my (still valid) credit card was not in my wallet.
  • Friday I see a pattern emerging I am waiting for the second thing.


Mary Ellen said...

I'd like a do-over for the whole damn summer.

Rebecca said...

Right there with ya, girlfriend. That would include my two weeks in Europe!