Saturday, August 15, 2009

What Did You Do Today?

ArtPark in Lewiston is one of those places I hit every other summer. No particular reason why I do not go more frequently - I just seem to need a reason. Thursday evening six of us went for dinner at Carmelo's and then off to the theatre.

I think I have seen Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat so many times, I have it memorized. The only age group that I have not seen perform it is grammar school! Now, this means I really like it, or it plays so often I just can't avoid it! My opinion: no surprises. Liked the set, costuming was good, lighting was effective. My only issue was the lack of a full orchestra. When did it become acceptable to have sound track with a few life tracks? I just find it odd - and a bit flat. Why? It has to be a huge cost savings because WNY in no way lacks musical talent.

The highlights of the evening were the curry ravioli and hearing about my friend's new 'man'! I love it when other people are in love! I may sound sappy, but I get a thrill when my friends gush over something!

Today I hit another one of my favorite hometown spots: The Clarence Center Coffee House. Nothing fancy, just a tad funky. But the heat of the afternoon just begged for a sit on a porch with a cold drink - and I am a sap for iced chai. So Helen and I had a lovely visit, I had the opportunity to forget my responsibilities and dirty laundry, and to sit a spell.

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Mary Ellen said...

OMG, that's Condoleezzzaa Rice prancing around in your picture. Did George Dubya also make a cameo appearance in the production?