Sunday, August 09, 2009

Oh, to Dye the Day Away!

Today was a blast! Several of us from Raveloe Fibers met for a natural dye day. As I have been bitten by the rug bug, I was gifted some wonderful wool for a future project. The mordant was a combination of alum and creme of tartar done the evening before by our lovely Linda. Donna had prepared dyes of black walnut, onion skin and logwood - the lovely purple. Phyllis offered a fresh indigo, madder, dahlia, Osage orange, and black eyed susans. Linda, in addition to doing the prep work and offering the space at the shop, gave us a lesson in a 'fermented' indigo dye bath.

Favorites? I really love the effect I got from twisting the wool in coils resulting in a really neat variegation of color. The difference between the two indigo dye baths was fascinating - the older resulting in the expected blue, and the subtle green of the fresh batch had been planted, grown, and mixed by Phyllis. I was also thrilled by the change in the red cotton I had brought along. Less than five minutes in the indigo changed it from Santa Red to a lovely, rich burgundy with hints of blue.

This is one workshop well worth repeating:)
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Mags said...

Great snaps!

paperhill said...

wow! looks like you had a lot of fun!

Eco builders said...

Beautiful! It really does look like fun.
Have a nice day!