Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dear Oblivions,

If, by chance, you are able to open your eyes for just one moment, would you please attempt the following:
  1. If I do not answer my phone, please assume that I am busy. Kindly refrain from calling me repeatedly until I ask the person on the other line to hold, or stop what I am doing to so that I may attend to your immediate needs.
  2. Kindly refrain from leaving your grocery cart in the middle of the aisle, block one third with your person, and the other third with your misbehaving child.Please do not look so put out when I gently say, "Pardon me, please."
  3. If you are a creepy old, or young, or in between guy, do NOT ask my daughter to "jump on up there" when you ask for lots of everything on your sub. You are neither clever nor amusing.
  4. Do not call your mother at the pharmacy and scream at her like a banshee. Your mother is getting your medication and thought she had a full hour before you needed to be driven to work.
  5. Listen to your mother when she tells you she is now leaving for the pharmacy to get your medication so that you can tell her, very sweetly, that you need to be at work now and not in one hour.
  6. Please refrain from screaming at your mother for her obvious inability to read your mind when you drop her away for the workplace entrance to avoid embarrassment. How far away is too far?
On a happier note...I had breakfast with my good buddy, went to Barnes and Noble with two other good buddies, my bro and his charming bride, and I had the chance to pick up some magazines. As per yesterday's post, I now have the needed IK Holiday Knits 2009 and I found something else - Wild Fibers! I have never seen this one before and I believe this shall be at least a three on the teacup scale used by fellow blogger, Mary Ellen.

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