Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Perfect Rainy Day Movie

Hit your Netflix account and check this movie out! Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont is a lovely movie reminiscent of a sweeter time that lives only in our imaginations. Add to that the London setting, the lovely young friend and the predictable ending and you have everything you need for a truly wonderful 'feel good' movie.
And now a question: Am I the only one who truly dislikes Daylight Saving Time? I get up so early, it is dark regardless of the hour difference. Instead, I get to drive home in the dark and feel as though I somehow missed the best part of the day. And I find myself wanting to pull on my jammies and crawl into bed at 7:00 which I refuse to do as I am fully grown! Yet, I am so inexplicably tired I do not have the energy to do even that. I have also found myself spending inordinate amounts of time on the commuter playing stupid PopCap Games that are truly mind numbing. I should be knitting, or rug hooking, or reading, or Christmas (!) shopping or doing something semi-productive.
Tomorrow I shall have to fill the day with postive and productive things...breakfast with a friend, coffee with my brother, and I must purchase the Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts magazine as there is one sweater that I really want to knit for hubby before the holiday - best case scenario, or his birthday in February - worst case scenario. I have a very nice Tahki Tweed that I purchased more than a few years ago for a sweater for DH and I have yet to go beyond a sleeve...far too many cables. This sweater appears to be a quick knit with a bit of interest down the body sides and across the saddle shoulder and some lovely bits of sure to end quickly cables on the top.

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