Saturday, July 10, 2010

London, Hampton Court

How does one choose what to do with such limited time in London? On July 1 we opted to go outside the city - as we had no boat to cruise the Thames, we took the train from Waterloo out to Hampton Court. The palace is a short walk from the station, just over the bridge and to the right.

Cardinal Wolsey certainly was one arrogant man to think he could syphon off such sums from the church, build a grand estate and not garner the attention of the king. We were greeted by a guard who wanted to know our business at court on the King's wedding day and then forced into servitude for an hour. Cute idea really. We had wonderful audio guide after our lunch of pasties and tea.

After leaving the cool of the country, we went back to the city where we spent an hour at Harrods and then found a pub in Kensington for an awesome dinner and a pint or so to end the day.

My only London regret? No time for the V&A and Cath Kidston. Next time.

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