Thursday, July 17, 2014

Forced Productivity

When I counted the days of summer vacation, I told myself that I would not waste it as I did last year.  Instead of spending my time running to PT for my insane IT band, and moping on the couch I decided to tickle a part of my brain that has never been touched.

My goal is not to become artistic, but to increase my creativity.  From attending author lectures over the years, the message has been clear:  the way to improve writing is by writing every day.  My assumption is the only way to become more creative is by attempting something creative each day.

Last week I played with paper cloth; when I finish the projects I will post the pictures and explain the process.  This week I played with papers.

The top photo was inspired by a vessel I found on Pinterest.  I took used cone shaped natural coffee filters, burned the edges, and added a coat of Perfect Paper Adhesive.  After drying I ripped edges and sewed with embroidery floss.  I then hit it again with the matches and spray bottle and have what I hope will be a rustic flameless votive holder.

On the right is yesterday's experiment with collage.  Last week I found that used dryer sheets can be very interesting.  I know, don't ever use dryer sheets as they are allegedly worse for your clothes than the dryer.  Anyhoo, one water dampened dryer sheet, next add a layer of long forgotten Japanese papers adhering with the Perfect Paper Adhesive.  Add another dryer sheet and layer with tissue paper and handmade papers and a final coat of PPA.  Held up to the light, an overall pleasing design.  I did make an additional one with a few different placements and colors and was not as pleased with the overall effect.  So it's a 'no show'.

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