Monday, July 21, 2014

Time for Break

This is an image of what stopped me from washing the window from the outside earlier this afternoon.  I 'googled' this one as I am never going to sit still long enough to take a picture of any snake.  Yuck...I was leaning out the window when he suddenly slithered by...really hate those things!

Trying to make each day count is getting a bit exhausting.  Sunday was a pleasant day all around:  we took my brother and his wife out for a birthday breakfast, then off to spend the afternoon at Longmeadow Farm in Freedom, NY.  Sandy has beautiful yarns and roving.  Each time I look at her colorwork I ask myself why anyone would want to go to the trouble of processing and dying their own when she does it so much better!  She does not have a web presence other than FaceBook, and on many a fiber festival vendor list.  It was a beautiful afternoon sitting in the shade next to the sheep grazing pasture with good friends and food:)

Today, no crafting yet.  I did add a few more blocks on the hexi project.  And then I worked my plantars into a frenzy.  Washed six windows and screens, washed and folded several loads of wash, washed the kitchen floor, a quick vacuum in the family room and made a potato salad for dinner.

I think I deserve a pedicure right about now:)

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