Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Green Meets Orange?

Ok...I am changing the template. The dots were too much. But I cannot figure out where the header colors are. I will continue to work on this.

So why am I not knitting? Because I have been reading. I just finished The Time Travelers Wife. I cried through the last two chapters and I do not cry over too many books. Next, I moved on to my book club's monthly selection: The Good Earth. But did I finish? No. And my recollection from my first reading in 9th grade is scanty. Needless to say, I did not have much to add to last evening's discussion. The next selection is The Other Boyelyn Girl. I think I had best start reading.

On another front...this has got my blood going on another tangent. I want a wheel, I want a wheel, I want a wheel. I tried spinning earlier this fall. I was able to get real yarn on my second bobbin. Teaching myself to ply was another story. My mail carrier also owns a yarn/spinning/weaving store and she just informed me that she has a used Ashford traveler available. I want it! Now! So why not buy it? Oh we all know the reason. I already have yarn and lots of it. That needs to be knit. Not sitting under my bed. Get the picture. You know there is a problem when my 11 year old son stated that: "Mom, you should finish what you have under your bed and in all those boxes before you back to the boring yarn store!" OUCH! Now honestly, where did he get the idea that yarn shops are boring?

And finally, today is my oldest's birthday. How can she be 16? Am I the only one whose heart skips a beat when they realize their children are not babies/toddlers/pre-schoolers/pre-teens anymore? Make it slow down! Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

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