Sunday, February 13, 2005

Yes, This is Cheating!

So, two weekends ago DH is cheering on my new found determination to finish projects. E is wearing her sweater, K has just tried his on, the baby blanket is ready for delivery. And then the truth comes out! I am not the only "green eyed"family member. And I quote, "All this money you spend on yarn, and all I have to show for it is a pair of socks with a hole in the heel. When do I get something?" And that is how DH ended up at the LYS picking out his favorite Donegal Tweed. Oh yes, in my defense: the socks do not have a hole in the heel; it is the gusset. And that was before I knew how to set things straight.

I could not get the color right in the photo even with a different camera. It is a beautiful green with flecks of turquoise and specks of yellow (very mellow). It screams green, lush Irish countryside. But all those cables! So I said to self: You deserve a pair of ebony needles to get through this. But noooooo...back they must go as I had to drop 2 needle sizes to get gauge -:( Can you see how sad I am? The favorite LYS is just far enough away to make it inconvenient to go to after work. I will have to go to a closer, not so favorite to buy a pair of bamboo circs. Yes, I have straights, but who uses those? Oops, sorry Emily!

Now cable question: If anyone out there is actually still with me. It calls for a 1/2 right cable. Do I really need the cable needle? Can't I just knit the third stitch in, keep it on the needle, knit the next 2, then drop the first one? That still puts the two stitches behind the first. And it would save me a TON of time. Let me know.

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